Invitation to the preschool event

Today I went to visit, by invitation .DSCN2137to one of the pre schools here in the village .Benito Juarez Garcia is an indigenous school where the children are taught the Maya culture to preserve the traditions.As well as speaking spanish they are also encouraged to speak in their native tongue , Maya .

The occasion was to entertain the mothers , by the children , to celebrate mothers day .Each class gave their performance of a song to honour their mothers … The teachers also participated by singing a song. Afterwards there were a few games with the mothers then the children gave out their presents that they had made to their perspective mothers whereupon they were given a huge hugs and kiss… The look of pride on the faces of the mothers told all!

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I have lived here more than 9 years and did not realize this school existed until one day they had a procession through the streets of Santa Elena in the traditional dress and music …. It was adorable to watch . Unfortunately the school does not always have the resources to meet criteria and the headmaster finds if very hard to give what the children require

So the reason I was invited to this event is because of some donations of school and office supplies . To show their appreciation as I mentioned I was invited to watch… but more surprising than ever was a lovely gift I received of a blouse which today I wear proudly .

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If anyone can find it in their heart to help out then maybe you could bring some colouring books and crayons and I will gladly go with you to disperse of them. The headmaster would be truly grateful and you may even see a tear in his eyes. He is so proud of his school and I know he goes above and beyond even spending his own monies to help out for traditional festivals .


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7 Responses to Invitation to the preschool event

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    Very lovely story. I will do my best when next in your area to bring some supplies.

  2. dibot1 says:

    I would be happy to donate some funds to help them out. Would I beable to send you a US check?

    • Hello Diann how lovely for you to offer … I am not sure about a U S check to be processed down here
      But if you like you could pay by pay pal ………………the pickled onion
      A small donation would be great… I can buy the products they need and then I would take a photo of what i have bought and send it onto you .My email address is if you would like to write personally
      Again thank you thank you

      • dibot1 says:

        Just sent you(Paypal) a small do ation to use for the school needs. Hope to make a few of these every few months. Let me know that you received it.

  3. Niki Rooke says:

    Do the kids go in the summer too or do they have a break??? I would love to bring some supplies down when we come – or is money better so you can purchase exactly what they need???

    • Hello Niki … no here there is no summer school . They break up for summer mid july and return end of August
      If you have room in a suitcase then bring what you can… that would be great ! They just appreciate anything !
      Or if you like find a school that is need in the área that you will be visiting and if I am around I will come with you….But whatever you decide thank you so very much for the offer and kind gesture

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