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Chaya the food/plant of the Mayas

         Mountain Chaya    The original name in Maya was CHAY but changed to Chaya by the spanish conquerors . The binomen is Cindoscolus aconitifolius . THe genus name coming from the Greek knido meaning nettle and scolus, meaning thorn. So … Continue reading

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Teaching takes a twist

One of my favourite dishes is Brazo de Reina (the arms of the queen) made with masa….. a dough like mixture made from ground corn…… Similar to a tamale.Originally the dough encloses boiled eggs but I like it with just … Continue reading

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The symphony comes to St Elena

                                                    St Mathew church in St Elena The Youth Orchestra comes to town. Last Sunday we had the pleasure of listening to a youth orchestra from  Merida playing in St Elena’s church of St Mathew, The future players for Mérida’s … Continue reading

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Building a new Palapa

The art of building the typical Maya house is slowly dying with the introduction of modern materials.Most villagers now are looking more towards what they call a more modern approach in building houses.Cement blocks ,indoor plumbing and wiring(for some not … Continue reading

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How I came to St Elena

My Story by Valerie Pickles                                          Hi and welcome to  my blog site    my name is Valerie Pickles (hence the name  of the restaurant, the pickled onion) I was born in  Nelson Lancashire England  but spent most of my life in … Continue reading

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