Maggots / larvae Ek the food of the Maya

I have been  going through some of my blogs and over  the next while will go back in time . Hope you enjoy some of the stories…. The real life in the Yucatan

Maggots./larvae …….. never I had imagined in my life I would eat such a thing. Growing up in the north of England where Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding was as exotic a food  you would eat at the table. Must admit though my mother made the best Yorkshire Pudding I have ever tasted! I have travelled quite extensively in my life so I have had the opportunity to taste all kind of cultural food. So now it was time for something new.

Luis had watched the wasp or hornets nest (not sure which) growing bigger and bigger.Last week he said, Valerie we are going to cook this soon! Mm O K when you do ,

The hive

The hive

I will try it. I must admit I was kind of wary but darn it I am going to try!

Today, Saturday , is the day…………. I was out trying to find a cot to buy for a family that will be staying with me tomorrow and as the family room was already booked I had to think of an alternative…. so  a cot it would be …………It took me about two hours to find one………. but thats a different story.

When I arrived home the boys were already taking down the nest and poor Luis did get bit a couple of times. I did not realize until I went into the kitchen what they were up to but my eyes kind of opened wide when I saw the hive alive!

I watched curiously as they started to prepare and cook…… Yucatecan cavier Valerie, they said laughing ! You have to at least try!

The Fry up on the plancher

The Fry up on the plancher

They broke off pieces and placed them on the plancher or grill  tossing and turning until they were , well DEAD! Then Eric started to take out the… THINGS into a dish.


Luis tossing the grub opps pardon the expression grub is also english slang to food

Luis tossing the grub opps pardon the expression grub is also english slang to food

Luis continued tossing the grub….. oppps pardon the expression. Grub is also an english slang for food… example grubs up! come and get it !

Eric taking out the little things

Eric taking out the little things

I forgot to take a photo of how it looks on the plate ready to serve. They just made Tacos poured on sour orange and chile.

The result…… I really liked them! I did not eat the Taco (because I am on a diet) but ate them loosely omitting the chile.

But it will not be an item that will go on the menu though.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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3 Responses to Maggots / larvae Ek the food of the Maya

  1. joan hall says:

    you are one brave lady! Glad there are no bees in my kitchen!

  2. heather says:

    enjoyed this memory, Valerie. There is much to learn in different cultures….and sometimes the result is very healthy.

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