Coca cola

Coca cola first came to Mexico in the late 1800,s and established the first bottling company in the 1920,s.

its claim to fame it that it is sweetened by cane sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup .Which is not always as claimed.

It is one of the most popular drinks amongst the village people… breakfast , lunch and dinner to be drunk .


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Years ago before the plastic bottles the people would go to the grocery store where they would buy their wares and drink a coke….and listen to the local gossip.. They were  not allowed to take the bottle off the premises but had to be drunk there and then so the bottles would be returned.

Quite a few years ago I changed from the plastic bottles to the infamous thick glass ones the reason being that they are returnable therefore helping in my small way to conserve the environment .And the taste did seem very different than coke in a plastic bottle .

The glass bottles seem to be a rarity and I have had many a guests ask if they could take a bottle home with them  . Of course you can and off they would go without me charging the returnable fee.

But when a young man with his family started to walk out with a bottle without any thought or consideration I was , to say the least a little peeved.The waiter motioned to him to say sorry you cannot take the bottle and I intervened saying politely yes you can take it but there will be a charge of 5 pesos as it is a returnable bottle… His response just threw me….. Yeah! whatever! as he shouted to his parents that he needed money to take the bottle. They left in a huff! My point is… whatever gave the right to this young man to think he could just walk out with property that belonged to the restaurant ?

If he had asked I would certainly let him go with his memorabilia without an issue.

Yes you may think it is minor but who is going to teach the young ones of today respect for other peoples belongings if their parents are not going to .

I would not be surprised if this comes about on Trip advisor but I will be ready for the answer if it does!


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15 Responses to Coca cola

  1. Joan Hall says:

    Go Valery Go!!

    On 16 March 2016 at 14:12, Thepickledonionyucatans Blog wrote:

    > thepickledonionyucatan posted: “Coca cola first came to Mexico in the late > 1800,s and established the first bottling company in the 1920,s. its claim > to fame it that it is sweetened by cane sugar as opposed to high fructose > corn syrup .Which is not always as claimed. It is one of the ” >

  2. securityconsultingstrategies says:

    We were recently eating in a Mexican restaurant here in Pennsylvania and our Cokes were in glass bottles from Mexico.

  3. Rod Chapman says:

    I can see the value in making a “point. However imo, it’s better to lose 5 pesos, than lose repeat business and get bad reviews from Trip Advisor etc. One lost customer could equal a years worth of deposits on Coke. Maybe hiding the 5 pesos into your pricing is the answer.

  4. My dear Valerie,
    I confess that my favorite drink in the world is an ice cold bottle of coke. My mother was born in 1902 and a fan from teens on. We never had it in our house as I was growing up but we would in restaurants or at Macy’s lunch counter with a burger and fries. Today there is a tienda next to my house and I can get it in a 1/2 liter bottle for 8 pesos. A plastic bottle of 600ml costs 11 pesos and does taste different. There would be a deposit but…they know me. No, I don’t drink it daily.
    Before I moved here 8 years ago, Costco in Portland OR had Mexican Coca Cola in bottles.
    I have met many people over the years who share our view.

    • Those mimi bottles of Coca Cola are cute….of course I have it on hand here all the time and when it gets to the hot season as now it is way too tempting… wáter just does not seem the same LOL

  5. I love Mexican Coke and though I very rarely drink pop – I do in Mexico and now I am in real trouble – I have found 2 little tiendas in Edmonton, Alberta who import Mexican Coke in glass bottles so now I can drink it all year round! I have to really watch myself! Luckily the tiendas are a fair drive so I can still limit myself! See you next winter Valerie!!

  6. DiAnn says:

    Totally agree with you on this one, Valerie!

  7. Bob Adams says:

    Valerie: You were absolutely right – and I admire you for standing up for yourself!.

  8. Heather says:

    I agree with Bob…but I am also dismayed the folks are still drinking Coca Cola!

  9. Richard says:

    … yes I too noticed that the Coke in the glass bottles tasted just a little nicer. It’s probable that the bottles are from a different bottling plant, maybe an older one still set up to handle the returnables, and perhaps they only use cane sugar. I live in Punta Perula, way over on the west coast, and yes there is a little restaurant just around the corner that sells Coke in those glass 1 liter bottles. As an aside, corn sugar or fructose isn’t very good for you, and cancer cells thrive on it… maybe it’s time to change. Richard

    • Thank you for your comments
      Yes at the momento here in Mexico they still make coca… normal with cane sugar… there was talk of changing it but as yet they have,nt… Hope they dont . I dont drink a lot of Coca but must admit it is my favourite soft drink along with Cebada… barly based.. reminds me of root beer or in england sarsaspirella (dont think I spelt this right but I am sure you know what I mean )
      Take care

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