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Hanal Pixan/Soul Food

    Hanal Pixan  A couple of days ago excitement was  in the air with the school children as they compete to see who can make the nicest altars in the grounds of their particular school. Yolanda with a school … Continue reading

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Corn ,food of the Maya

The Maya believed humans were made from corn. For them corn was , and still is,the source of all sustenance and meant the survival of their civilization.Yum Kaax the god of corn is always represented as young, sometimes with a corn … Continue reading

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Prophecies of an English legend

As the Maya prophesies  are coming to light it  brought to mind one of England’s notary prophetess She was known as Old Mother Shipton .born in Knaresborough  Yorkshire a short distance from where I lived. My connection is my mother … Continue reading

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Another birthday party

  The invitations just keep on coming……..yet again another birthday party. It was held today at lunch time for  Angela, a  little girl who was turning 2 years of age. Nothing spared ..cake balloons ,flowers ,refreshments and of course FOOD. … Continue reading

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The Tepache man cometh

This is one of my favourite memories of living in the Yucatan jungle . One day whilst visiting me Candelario seemed different. His eyes where sparkling with mischievousness and a smile as broad as could be. Is everything O K, I asked, si … Continue reading

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Valerie had a little lamb,little lamb…………

  Awhile ago I bought a lamb to cook in the restaurant  a rare find in these parts. You have to know someone who knows where you can locate  one .I roasted the legs with rosemary and other herbs invited … Continue reading

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Celosia flower, or some know it as cockscomb ,is a broadleaf annual bright flowering plant and one of my favourites. I used to own a flower shop in Canada for some years and worked as a floral designer for about 15 … Continue reading

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Mis Compras /my purchases

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday, I took my self off to Merida very early in the morning to catch a market that I had heard about. It only happens on a Sunday and starts around 7 am , located … Continue reading

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St Elena relates to the Golden Gate Bridge

  At  the entrance to St Elena coming north from Kabah is a welcoming sign that says Bienvenidos a St Elena. It has a painting of the pyramid of Chichen Itza , the church of St Elena and a rather crude … Continue reading

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El frente frio/the cold front

                                               Well ,it  seems that nearly everyone in the village  ,including me ,has some kind of cold, aches, pains , coughs, fevers  or just not feeling up to par. This always happens with the change of climate from hot to … Continue reading

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