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Hannal Pixan versus Halloween

Its becoming a conflict for the old traditional ways of Hannal Pixan and the Halloween as us northen know it. It would seem such a shame to loose this tradition for the modern.Soon there will be no distinction between old cultures … Continue reading

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New look casita

The house of Tzab Kan Nah was built firstly as a massage room but because people loved the first house I built and the only one at the time, I thought I would change it to a rental unit.Also with … Continue reading

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Finally I find time to write about the trip to Calakmul…. Mmm let me see, well I left off gassing up ready for my next days trip to Calamul.Its a long way!!!! From Xpuhil I travelled west( a good hour) on … Continue reading

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Onto Xpuhil

Leaving Kohunlich I decided to head back to Xpuhil and back to the hotel .I had time before dusk to visit the ruins of Xpuhil just on the outskirts of the same small town.Im glad I did! I was spellbound … Continue reading

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On the way to Calakmul

Calakmul is situated south from here driving to Hopelchen then onto Xpuhil, about 3 hours drive.The  road is not that great in places with lots of holes(baches). But my V W beetle did a great job ! I knew it was … Continue reading

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The massage room!

Its taken awhile to complete but now its up and running the new massage palapa ………………… So if you are ever in this area or you want to stay a night or two  to relax and become one with the … Continue reading

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The answer to the thing!

Well most of you were correct in one way or another .The answer is a fruit picker. Not just one particular fruit but for all.So I have to award the first response for lunch!!  You can see who it is … Continue reading

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The Thing!!

Im going to give you something to think about for a day or two.Do you have any idea what this could be???? I thought it was so ingenious that I bought one after seeing someone in the same store purchasing … Continue reading

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