At first there was no thought of writing ABOUT who I am, from where did I come and for what purpose did the  blog begin. Thinking more on this ,it now is the time to say a few words.The purpose of this blog is to tell and show people the other side of life, here in the Yucatan. Already there are  many good blogs about Merida all have their own purpose.

Here in the peaceful countryside, like any other country ,things change.There  is a more connectedness to nature,people, a way of life far different form the big city.The word Magical has been used so many times with the tourists that pass by the restaurant or stay a few nights.

My hope is to give an insight to some of the old traditions that are still alive but waning ,a  few funny  stories , add ons here and there but to keep it light, without intrusion only with permission  ,in  their private lives.Respect is not used loosely here, as the old values still retain their strength.For this I have great respect for the Maya people that live here. Really ,Im a curious intrusion in their lives!

I,m not a writer, I don’t want to publish a book but I have a voice  and a mind of information.This media gives the chance to air my voice and  information hoping  that some will benefit from my experiences . I didn’t come here running away from anything, a door was opened and I walked through it  without  fear , finding a richer life among wonderful people. Leave yourself open to whatever comes your way and you too can experience the Magic.,

It’s certain as this blog continues and evolves one will get to know who I am………… but lets see does it really matter in the end ,not really.What is important is the information that one can learn from and to show that there is a part in Mexico that is safe to travel to.

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  1. Merry Christmas Valerie!! Hopefully you are not too chilly out there in the Puuc! Warm wishes and a prosperous 2011!

  2. Jorge Castillejos Esser says:


  3. suk says:

    Hi, Val, my name is Suk, living in Houston but walter & I have a home @ calle 47 54y56. He retired 8 yrs ago, I am still working @ medical center Texas heart insitute @ St. Luke episcopal hospital as open heart surgery recovery critical care RN. I am so admire people like y. One day I quick or retire, & move back to Merida, explore yucatan & learn speak Spanish. Debi is my friend, I know William thru blog, enjoy reading it hope I will meet him & I will stop by your place also on may. Tx for sharing your story. Suk

  4. Louise Rene says:

    Hi Valerie,
    My husband & I were visiting the Yucatan in late November. We stopped & spent an evening at the pickled onion & found your accommodations to be fantastic & a nice surprise to be had in a small place like St.Helena. We are hoping to return with our children, they would love your property & all the nearby ruins to be visited.

    I have a favour to ask of you & am not sure if you will have the time to look into this for me. I have noticed that the women wearing the traditional huipil dresses also wear a scarf/shawl along with their dress. What interests me is the way that they wrap this scarf around themselves. I’ve seen a few different ways & unfortunately never did capture it in any of my pictures. Would I be asking too much of you to perhaps get a couple shots of a lady in this type of outfit demontrating how the scarf is wrapped around their backs & over their shoulders?!?!? (viewed from back, side & front) I’d also like to know the name of this scarf/shawl if it does in fact have a specific name.

    Thank you & Happy New Year,

    Louise Rene

  5. kristen says:

    hello, my name’s kristen. i’m a friend of lin dorton who gave me the blog of debi for connections to help me in my search for 2 friends of mine, emily and ryan (newie) who are supposed to be travelling in yucatan/merida area looking for me…
    the fact that they don’t use computers and my cell with all contact info. was lost leads me online to ask friends of friends…
    if you have heard of anything or know of anyone that comes in contact with a lot of people passing through, anything at all would help,
    thanks for your time,
    (excuse my grammer)
    a friend of a friend,

  6. I just discovered your blog while researching for my next trip to the Yucatan. I am planning on visiting the ruins in the Ruta Puuc and am hoping that I will have time to stay at The Pickled Onion. I have read so many positive reviews. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work.

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