why do people steal ?

Through our lives we accumulate memorabilia that we cherish or sometimes it outlives its usefulness and we either pass it on, sell , if it has some value or we discard in other ways.

If I have anything that is not useful for me anymore I find a way to let someone else enjoy .

I adorn the rental rooms with what I can afford with handmade embroidery wall hangings…. bed covers hand loomed from Chiapas .hammocks locally made to relax in .. and hand painted masks and even my own paintings all for the enjoyment of our guests .


What really irks me is when people think they have an entitlement to someone’s else’s property and I am referring to two incidents that have happened in the last few weeks . Two of the masks have disappeared from the rooms . One couple we caught taking an umbrella with them and when we stopped them said . Oh we thought it was ours . Now really! The umbrellas are there for the rainy season so our guests can make it to the restaurant without getting wet !


A few years ago some guests walked off with a hammock but not satisfied with the hammock they even took the hooks to hang it up.

Some of these items are and can be difficult to replace and also costly.

Now because of this we have to put a new rule in place as the trust we had in our guests as been violated . No one will or can leave until an inspection has been made . This really makes it inconvenient for us but what can one do ?

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15 Responses to why do people steal ?

  1. dibot1 says:

    This is very sad to hear(theft)! Totally understandable. What a world we live in!! My hope is that Karma will win out in the end.

    • Yes, truly very sad… I often wonder how people live with them selves when they do act like this.
      how would one feel if you place it in your home and look at it everyday…. a constant reminder I would say.

      • Zee says:

        It just came to me; yes karma will catch with them; but what about take the guests Master Cart or Visa and if anything is missing; charging them the amount of the value. I know that some items are cannot be replaced; but still give you something for your hard work. Big hugs with love Valerie ❤

      • Hello Zlata thank you for your input . Unfortunately I cannot pre authorize credit cards . My business is registered in my name and one cannot pre authorize with a private name . Just a bank rule ! But we have to be more vigilant

    • Very sad …. I treat people the way I would like to be treated and the couple that left were enamored by this place . But still does not give people the right to take what does not belong to them… in a way they were not thinking about their fellow travellers that would like to enjoy the room decor also.

  2. Donna Norstadt says:

    It is indeed sad that you feel the need to inspect the room but I stay at a place in PDC that does this and their rooms are nothing as nice as yours. I have to give them my passport or drivers license to get the room key and A/c control. and they return my items when the room is inspected and key returned. The times they are achangin.

  3. Ralf and Marijke Bouma says:

    It is indeed sad that people feel they are entitled to what is not theirs…for reasons unbeknownst to us, but we truly feel it is a sense of entitlement or compensation?? as we read when this first happened by some disturbing rants of a previous client. Unfortunately more work is created for you guys by having to implement this new rule, hence prices might understandably have to go up too. We think it is a great idea taking possession of someone’s driver’s license or passport and that it will be returned upon inspection of the room.

    • Yes you are right is is very sad and especially when the same thing happened not too long ago…
      I will from now on be taking Passports but it is sad also for all the honest people and most are, that they have to be subject to new rules because of a couple of dis honest people.

  4. Paul Wilkins says:

    When I was 10 years old, I picked up a golf club I found lying in the grass of a very upscale golf course. I thought the owner is wealthy, so why not grab it before anyone seems me ? I always felt badly afterwards. I´m sure the owner was indeed quite wealthy, but I´ve never been tempted to steal since then.

    • I too remember taking some pea pods from a grocery store that was displaying them outside when I was very Little.
      I felt so bad that I never did it again!I would consider these childrens pranks… but as an adult I would never dream of taking anything that did not belong to me… its a shame . I am sure this is a regular thing for these people and not the first time…
      I can understand reasoning too that they dont need it or as you say they are probably wealthy… but they and I have worked for it… probably like me Paul you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth and came by whatever you own by shear hard work.But one hears story also of the rich and wealthy stealing and one would wonder why when they can buy whatever they want….life certainly brings its surprises!

      • Donna Norstadt says:

        Stealing for some people is an obsession or an illness. They can’t help themselves. It makes no difference if they are financially secure or what stature in life they have achieved.

  5. Hanna says:

    Could you request a refundeable deposit, much like renters pay, and if everything checks out, return the deposit with a small discount? You could also raise your rate a little to compensate for lost items with the stipulation a discount will be applied if the room is left intact. Give people an incentive not to steal, but if they chose to then you are covered. One other idea would be to offer items they like for sale at a “discounted” price. If they think they are getting a deal, then they may pay for something. Sadly, as business people, these are some of the pitfalls when dealing with humanity or in this case, immorality.

  6. Tara says:

    Make sure all guests know there is a standard security deposit upon booking. The security deposit can be processed if something is missing, or broken. This is normal these days when travelling, so it should be no surprise for your worldly visitors!

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