End of school year/clausura

The shcool year came to a close this week and summer holidays loom on the horizon .

Summer holidays in small villages consist of staying home with the family… Little hope of going to the beach or taking a trip . Some maybe lucky if the family have the monies to pool to gether and hire a colectivo and take a day out at the beach with the whole family that can squeeze in , about 19 to one van, They take their own food and drinks to enjoy for the day . Eating out would be too costly after paying for the colectivo .

They do however make a big party for the graduation of students that are moving onto the next school and of course the kínder school where myself and a couple of donees have  contributed for supplies , was no exception.



I was invited to attend as the madrina de generación taking a seat at the head table


of course it is always late in starting… by one and half hours…


The graduates taking their seats


It was lovely to watch but unfortunately I could not stay to see the waltz as two of my staff have children that were participating so to give them a chance to see their children I left early to take their place of work.


Some of the videos are not very clear as I forgot that an iPad does not have the power to take photos at night


I hope you enjoy them though… as the children look so cute and the parents so proud

Well I am sorry but I have been trying for a week to download the videos but no no avail so I will post anyway.




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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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5 Responses to End of school year/clausura

  1. heather says:

    no matter there is no video. The message and the essence of life in rural Yucatan is as vivid as ever. Thanks, Valerie.

  2. dibot1 says:

    What a nice treat. Enjoy knowing what can be done with a little help from others. May be down in Febr. & would love to visit with you & maybe get over to the school to see the kids & teachers.

    • That would be really nice… the school has now started after the summer holidays. THere is a new headmistress and I will go to meet with her soon.
      Tomorrow I am off to Merida to spend the monies that you so graciously donated… and also the balance left over from another donation … Thank you so very much

      • dibot1 says:

        Probably won’t make it down this February, but will send another donation soon. Thank you for what you are doing.

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