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Christmas in Santa Elena Yucatan

Like everywhere in the world people celebrate christmas in their own special ways and here it is no different. Parties are abound and in full swing. The youngsters give their school performances in the main square with the proud parents … Continue reading

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Maya ceremony simple but effective

Whilst everyone around had TICKETS to go to Uxmal where there was a special event happening on the day of Dec 21st I was busy preparing for a h’men to come from nearby Bolonchen to do a small ceremony here … Continue reading

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Peyote ceremony in the land of the Maya?

I put a question mark at the end of theĀ  title because it just seemed strange that a ceremony like this would be happening in the land of the Maya. The reason I agreed for this to be done is … Continue reading

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Our Lady Guadalupe

As every year the day of Guadalulpe is a very well celebrated day in Mexico as she is the patron saint of this country. They say this year it was celebrated more than ususal . Could it be because of … Continue reading

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Birds of the Yucatan

As I promised earlier when the photos arrived from my brother Vincent I would publish them on my blog…………….so here goes All photos taken by my brother Vincent Cockett These birds you can see around my place too especially in … Continue reading

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To continue with our trip off we went to Uxmal .It was earlier in the day and very quiet . Uxmal is a site that never really gets an overload of tourists but it’s always best to visit in the … Continue reading

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Whilst my brother was visiting me from england it gave me the opportunity to visit some of the ruins. I never get tired of wandering around the ruins and no matter how many times I visit I always see something … Continue reading

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