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Pomegranate =Punica granatum ,deciduous This fruit originated in Iran and was introduced to Mexico , in 1789 by the Spanish .It survives best in a dry climate and its seeds and juices make a tonic for the heart and throat among … Continue reading

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Whats in your backyard?

Do you know what you are growing in your own backyard? I knew I had this lovely tree that is always flowering , with a trunk that is strong, knarled into curious shapes but neveer knew its worth. That was until … Continue reading

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I have this tree in the garden close to the restaurant and so many people ask me what kind of fruit it is. but really it not an edible fruit but it is what the Maya used to make their … Continue reading

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My boys/my girls and the gardeners

I wanted to take some photos of the staff to add to my webpage…….. I always think it is important to include them as they are part of the team. Without them this place would not run as it does. … Continue reading

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Spring blooms at The Pickled Onion Yucatan

I love this time of year when the trees and bushes flower The Flamboyant are flaming, the Bougainvillea are radiant,the Flor de Mayo are marvellous with sweet perfume that make you want to pick and adorn ones hair. Sweet Jasmin and … Continue reading

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Burns and Aloe Vera

Burnt myself quite badly yesterday 21 May but Aloe Vera saved the day Last week I had a stationary gas tank put up on the roof because the fairly new stove that I bought was just eating up gas from … Continue reading

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Tropical fruit but not edible

Tropical fruit is what everyone craves for when visiting tropical climates and of course Yucatan is no different. But this fruit is not edible and really I am not sure what its purpose is. But mother nature can be a … Continue reading

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Spring blooms in Yucatan

The spring Flamboyan are now in bloom and what a lovely back drop it gives when the sun begins to set here at the Pickled Onion. I am so excited to see so many blooms this year on the young … Continue reading

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Celosia flower, or some know it as cockscomb ,is a broadleaf annual bright flowering plant and one of my favourites. I used to own a flower shop in Canada for some years and worked as a floral designer for about 15 … Continue reading

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Chaya the food/plant of the Mayas

         Mountain Chaya    The original name in Maya was CHAY but changed to Chaya by the spanish conquerors . The binomen is Cindoscolus aconitifolius . THe genus name coming from the Greek knido meaning nettle and scolus, meaning thorn. So … Continue reading

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