Dentists….. a trip to the Dentists in Yucatán

Going to the Dentist in Yucatan

Because I live in a very rural area questions arise from tourists as to how one obtains medical help or other services such as dentists etc.

The closest for a doctor ,that is reliable for me, is in Ticul. There is a doctor in town but if you can find him and also at the health dept there is always a young doctor who has just left university and comes to Santa Elena to do the 2 year practicum.

But what I will talk about today is dentists.

When I first arrived and living in Ticul I went to the most modern office where the young man was very good and thorough… he then took on the job as Mayor for Ticul therefore his practice was kind of forgotten .

I then began building the business and so I began to neglect my teeth although they never gave me any pain , it took 8 years up to now until I realized that I have now time to take care of me!

I choose a dentist in Merida, Diana , on recommendation of one of my guests who had not only come on holiday but made the trip mostly to have dental work done.

Diana Navarro my dentist lady

Diana Navarro my dentist lady

I finally began my treatment in May…… I had lots of fillings dating back 50 years ago and we all know that in those days they used mercury. So the marathon was on to refill but of course again we know that even if you have fillings, your teeth still decay underneath.. mind you I thought 50 years was a good stretch! Although when I mentioned the amount of work I was having done to my brother he was suprised as he always thought my teeth were good. But isnt that normal … what you see on the outside is not always what is going on , on the inside!

I found Diana,s office quite easily behind one of the big Malls north of Merida and next to the Clinica Merida , one of the big hospitals they have in Merida.

Her office was on the 5th floor of the building , quite modern . Diana surprised me by greeting me in English  . She is young modern  lady with a young family  and very pleasant and as I got to know more with my visits I am always greeted with a hug and leave with a hug. Never have I had these kind of greetings from previous dentists… it make one feel  very welcomed.

She is kind, courteous ,always a smile and gentle human being…..

I have had to date four refills ,4 root canals,6 caps and not one iota of pain! For the root canals I went to a specialist , Edgar, who again spoke excellent English, was charming and gentle .

So here we are in October and next week will be the last fitting of the final caps…it has been a long journey with all the trips into Merida every week but I was able to combine , visiting with friends, shopping for the restaurant, car serviced etc so not really a waste of time.


I know I could not afford all this work in such a short time in Canada and I feel each experience here in the Yucatan is a blessing .

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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