Red Moon , Full Moon

Full moon , Red moon.

Yesterday September 27th we were witnesses of a wonderful phenomena which they say will not happen again until the year 2033 another 18 years to wait.. Not sure if that would be possible for me to see again but one never knows.( Hey wait a minute that would make me 86 of course I am going to see it again)! So I thought I had better get outside and enjoy the few hours that this would take place .


It is not unusual to have amazing night skies, and especially when the moon is full , it lights up the pathways and gives a night time glow .


The moon rises

The moon rises



It wasn’t certain that the skies would be clear as the weather forcast was predicting heavy rains which could move into a cyclone. I was so happy when I saw the clouds clearing in the early afternoon and knew it would be a clear night.

I wandered off to the back of the property, with my camera in hand and made myself comfortable by slinging up a hammock in the Casa de hamacas that I have at the back . I settled in the hammock listening to the night sounds. So peaceful and relaxing doing my best not to fall asleep.


The moon finally showed itself…… big and bright and little clouds to get in the way .


Later I moved to the front parking lot where I stood and watched for ages . I marveled at the milky way so bright and clear , the stars were in abundance as too were the fireflies .

The start of the eclipse

The start of the eclipse



It was amazing ! As I have mentioned before I am not really a photographer just a point and shoot and I found it difficult to keep my hands steady but I hope you enjoy the few photos .


A shaking hand produced a few moons

A shaking hand produced a few moons

nearly got a good photo

ec;lipse finishing

ec;lipse finishing



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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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12 Responses to Red Moon , Full Moon

  1. joan hall says:

    great photos thanks for sharing them. We had a lot of cloud cover here in Kingston Ontario, so Gary and I appreciated your shots

  2. Tara says:

    Glad you were able to see it and enjoy. We see some amazing moons from our front window, but this night, the clouds were heavy and decided not to show us this incredible ‘blood ‘ moon. Nice photos ( shaky or not!) 🙂

  3. williamlawson says:

    Very nice! We also were very happy to see the clouds disappear for the afternoon and evening. The 26th was a deluge in Merida and the 28th was a mess also so it was like a sort of cosmic present to have a clear sky to watch this very cool phenomenon. We watched it near Hunucma where it was nice and dark and no light pollution from Merida.

  4. Thanks for sharing your great shots! We are in central Florida and saw it just about the same as you did. It was cloudy all day and into the evening. Then, just before the eclipse was to begin, the sky cleared so that we had a great view. It was really something, wasn’t it?
    We think of you there in your little paradise on earth and hope to return sometime! Best wishes from Bob and Francie of Lakeland, Florida.

    • So happy it cleared for you to see it…. some parts of Canada had too many clouds so we were lucky. Yes it was Fabulous
      Thank you for your comments Francie and Bob… love to see you again someday…. Paradise is what you make it… we can heaven on earth or we can have hell which ever we choose .

  5. Heather Rath says:

    You captured the moon’s essence, Valerie, and thanks so much for sharing your very fine photos! We were so disappointed here in Burlington Ontario because of cloudy skies. But we will catch the next one for sure!

  6. Oh wonderful shots. Even the multi moon shot! Thank you from Germany

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