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The little people

After all these years of being here I never realized one particular school gears towards keeping the traditions alive . The small children get schooled in the maya language as well as Spanish . Amongst the regular curriculum the school … Continue reading

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Festival of Santa Elena

Every January, starting after the three kings day January 6th begins the annual festival of Santa Elena celebrating their patron saint ,St Mathew. Its a fun and sometimes solom occasion, filling two and a half weeks of burning of the … Continue reading

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The origins of the bottle dance

One of the traditional Yucatecan dances  of the Jarana that are performed nearly everywhere at festivals and cultural festivities  is one where the dancers place a bottle of empty beer on their heads .The is balanced sometimes precariously on top … Continue reading

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Maya shamanic ceremony

Huay e col. Sunday was an eventful day here in St Elena where I was invited to attend a shamanic ceremony called Huay e col. This is a ceremony to ask the rain god Chaac to bring forth lots of … Continue reading

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Huay e kol /land clearing

  H uay e kol Is the name that is used for a land cleansing ceremony and or for calling in Chac the rain god to  bring forth rain and for a good harvest. The shaman who performs the ceremony … Continue reading

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H’eedz M’eek

H’eedz  m’eek is a Maya word that refers to the way that mothers carry their babies.From birth they carry the babies in arms cradled and in front. The babies are always close to the mothers and not very often you … Continue reading

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