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Keep the tradition alive /part 2

  I did a part 2 of keeping the tradition alive because I had the good fortune to go and stay in Merida specifically to see the parade of the dead . This is an every year ¬†event ¬†where the … Continue reading

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Maya ceremony simple but effective

Whilst everyone around had TICKETS to go to Uxmal where there was a special event happening on the day of Dec 21st I was busy preparing for a h’men to come from nearby Bolonchen to do a small ceremony here … Continue reading

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Whilst my brother was visiting me from england it gave me the opportunity to visit some of the ruins. I never get tired of wandering around the ruins and no matter how many times I visit I always see something … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead Maya style

Day of the dead Maya style I was so disappointed that I was not able to go into the village and see all the altars being made and judged for Hanal Pixan this year.This business just takes over sometimes but … Continue reading

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Maya princess comes to lunch

]Last week came to the restaurant to my surprise ,to eat lunch, an important visitor who was accompanied by a friend of mine from Mexico D F , Mauru,now residing in Mani. You may wonder for why I was surprised … Continue reading

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