Cenote Kankirixche

Taking a visit to Cenote Kankirixche is always a delight as it is not far from here. I would say about 40 min drive. And well worth the effort. Located east of Abala about 2 kl out of town . There is now a sign posted just at the entrance road which makes it easy to find. Although the sign say restaurant their actually is no restaurant but maybe they think to build one in the future .


I decided to take a quick look as I had heard they have replaced the stairs after a huge tree had moreorless destroyed the entrance and remained like that for over 2 months .

I always recommend this cenote to guests as well as the two at Cacoa a 5 min ride from the sign to Abala for the turn off road .

I was impressed as I drove along the 1 kl rough road finding as you got closer they had cleaned the road and whitewashed stones that lead you to the cenote. They now charge 20 pesos for the entrance fee which is not bad considering there are now bathrooms and changing rooms.

There were quite a few cyclists enjoying a swim when I approached. I asked them from where they had come and they told me from Merida. Quite a ride I thought but they said no. They looked quite professional cyclist and I thought they must do this kind of thing often. It is so nice to see Yucatecans enjoying their own resources .


The cyclist at the entrance

It really is worth the visit , especially after trekking around Uxmal and looking for a cool off in a natural environment . Then make your way back relaxed and ready to eat a scrumptious meal at The Pickled Onion .

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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10 Responses to Cenote Kankirixche

  1. ivonne says:

    Looks interesting Valerie

  2. rtconnery says:

    How things change – we were here in Feb 2015. It is a wonderful cenote and part of the charm was the adventure finding it and its simple purity. I am sad to now see road signs, changing rooms and an entrance fee. This cenote is really popular with scuba divers too as the caves go back much further than you can see. Oh well! It gives us incentive to search for some more “virgin” cenotes on our next visit.

    • I know what you mean . This used to be my little secret cenote but that will be lost now. What is it they say? Give the people what they want . On the other hand it will be income for the local people . Like you I will be on the look out for more. Have some in mind already !

  3. mcm says:

    Coincidentally, the Diario also has an article today on the cenote in Abala — they’ve just rebuilt the stairway to the cenote (destroyed by a falling tree), and replaced the (stolen) water pump. The ejido that runs the cenote has also purchased bicycles and life jackets for use by tourists. This is a community project, not a state-run or big money operation, sounds well worth supporting. http://yucatan.com.mx/merida/turismo/novedad-en-area-turistica

  4. i certainly agree that it is a good community Project and that procedes will go to the local people rather than the big boys… I am all for it

  5. heather rath says:

    Cenotes are beautiful and refreshing and definitely a Yucatecan treat before dinner at The Pickled Onion. Someday Valerie, you should write a blog on how you chose the name Pickled Onion. Remember ‘sin frijoles?’

  6. LALA says:

    Can anyone suggest the best way to get there…taxi bus….Also is it close enough to Mayapan to do both in one day 🙂

    • Hello La la
      It would be difficult to get there by bus …. You could do Mayapan and the cenote in one day with a car.
      The cenote is located just outside of Abala … you can google it and it will give you exactly where it is

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