Wonderful Family visits,

Apart from being fully booked and keeping busy I found time to be with family acting as guide , interpreter , hostess , chofer etc.

Trying to fit in a few day trips was hard but worth it as first family guest , my brother that came all the way from Guernsey. I think this makes his fourth visit and every time is great! This year we visited the ruins of Santa Rosa Xtampak , one of my favourites and I took along two of my lovely guests who always like to travel by bus.

xtampak main temple

Main temple Santa Rosa Xtampak 

Santa Rosa is definitely a site where one needs a car. From the main Merida Campeche highway just before reaching Hopelchen ( the town where the Mennonites have their community) is about 40 mins from Santa Elena taking a left turn off the main road arriving at the site another 40 mins later .I took Zac with me but unfortunately he was not allowed in. I kind of had the feeling he would’nt but not to worry as I have seen this several times .Zac and I hung out playing ball  and getting to know the resident dogs ,whilst the others entered the ruins .

On the way back there was still time to visit the caves at Bolonchen , La Mujere Escondido . The hidden lady . Again I have visited this cave often and it is one of my favourites and it is where the drawing done by Catherwood that is quite famous and printed in the book Tales of the Yucatan

Again Zac and I played ball with the curators son who was helping his dad for the day due to having a cold and taking the day off school. I heard him tell his dad that he was bored and had no one to play with.So out came the ball and Zac . Had a long chat with his dad whilst we were kicking the ball around . Then his son and I played bingo from a board game he brought out . Meanwhile my guests and Vincent were enjoying themselves in the cave.

The next trip was to see the Flamingoes in Celestun. Vincent went on board the lancha and Zac and I people watched . Glad we got there early as more and more people were arriving . We went into town for a fish lunch and a walk on the beach before heading home

it was great to be with Vincent and spend time together and we even had a little dance together when the musician came .

Four days later my daughter Tara arrived with her husband Dan and my grandson Creegan . I was so excited to see them and could not wait for them to see the place . Actually it was through their last visit ( some 8 years ago) that I decided to build a little palapa house so that the next time they visited they could stay with me instead of in a nearby hotel and ready for any family members that cared to visit . So this is how the hotel started ( now I have 8 rooms and stay fully booked in the high season)

So I donned my different hats again as we took a couple of road trips

Again off to Celestun but this time we hired our own boat so that Zac could have the experience . Not sure he liked it though , he got a little sea sick as we got off the boat to see the fresh water cenote and was not in a hurry to get back on to return to port !

Again another fresh fish lunch …. Yummie ! But the walk on the beach was just too cold as we were coming out of a four day cold front . Nonetheless it was all worth it and arrived home a little tired but feeling good

other trips included Mani , Loltun caves Labnah , Uxmal and Choco Story.

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Valentine’s special dinner with two guitarists ,a box of chocolates from Creegan, lots of play time with Zac and Creegan ( of course Creegan now wants a dog ) Rest and pool time inbetween . It was wonderful to have my family visit me . All of you I love very much .



A tired out Zac



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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to Wonderful Family visits,

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    What a wonderful post but then I would expect nothing less of Queen Valerie Fantastic. Memorable.. I love seeing your posts

  2. I have been back home for 3 weeks and am already feeling the need to return. Thanks for a nice holiday as well has having time with you

    • I know how you feel …. Yucatán get a hold over one
      I am off to Celestun again next week through an invite to look at accomodations so next time you come there may be a beach property to relax in …. one never knows

  3. heather rath says:

    what a wonderful gift to your family and friends…staying with you in the Yucatan! If anyone can show off the hidden treasures of the Yucatan, you can, Valerie! Have most of your relatives seen and enjoyed your magic paradise?

  4. Yes Heather it was great to have them visit … I had my 90 year old aunt last year
    I have cousins in england keep promising to come but have not made it yet .
    My son also came a couple of years ago… It is really nice to show them around… so much to see and do in this área
    I hope you are both doing well and enjoying your new adventures wherever you go

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