Sunday Jaunt


Taking a chance to have a sunday run and to look for cenotes and to see a ruined hacienda that one of my guests told me about

I took a back road out of Ticul to Sacalum and onwards passing Yunku , where their are a couple of cenotes that I had seen before…

I continue northward and saw a signed entrance way… O k lets take the road…..oh my what a road. The worst track I have ever been on but like the good soldier I continued.The track was so rocky I could only do 8 kl at the most.Weaving in and out trying to find the best route, up and down but finally I arrived at the cenote where another sign said please keep clean our environment. I guess this did not mean anything as I descended into the hole and saw mounds of throw away cups and plates.

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I took Zak , my new Corgi puppy , along with me and along with my memories of a child when the Corgi I had at that time used to love swimming with me and my brother in rivers and diving with us off a cliff.Then as we neared the water Zak became a little agitated ,then died my memories of that child and realized this is a different me and a different dog. HE Hated the water! Nevertheless I took a dive in hoping he would follow but to no avail…. he just looked at the steps going back up and wanted to make a quick exit but his little body could not manage the steps. So he waited calmly whilst I finished my swim , helped him up and he scarped as fast as his legs could run back towards the car.


I made the rocky road return to the main road and proceeded to find the hacienda. That was not difficult as it was slap bang in the centre of town . People walking to and fro through the grounds. Here Zak was happy sniffing the grass and greeting people

As I walked around the hacienda I thought it was derelict so I peeked through an open window taking shots with my camera thinking Oh they must have the windows open to show off the antique furniture .Clicked at the second window then the third  there was blaring out music from a small sound system. Oooppss someone still lives here but I did not encounter anyone.

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By this time I was peckish with a slight hunger and bought some barbecued meat off a lady that was cooking on the roadside outside her house.It was very tasty !

I headed back after my feast with mission accomplished… sort of


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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10 Responses to Sunday Jaunt

  1. cathyformanplatin says:

    Looks like quite an adventure. Good for you to head out and explore…
    Cathy Platin
    Bend, Oregon

  2. rtconnery says:

    Hi Valerie – enjoying your blog posts. We were some of the first people to eat at The Pickled Onion when you first opened it and it was just yourself and David. Looks like things have changed big time and worked out very well for you ! Next time we must get back down your way. We too are cenote hunters and have been to about 16 mostly undeveloped ones and several old haciendas too, but not those near Mucuyche…

  3. Barb says:

    OMG! Congrats on the puppy!! Zak looks like cutie!

  4. Hi Valerie, Zak has grown so much. It makes me realise how long its been since we last saw eachother… Come by when you are in Merida next time. We miss you!

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