Drawing competition in Santa Elena

Now I have a little more time I thought I would do a fun thing in the village. I set out three categories based on age, one for ninos (children) up to the age of 13 and two categories for young and adults ,for a drawing/painting competition.

Mi Pueblo Maya

Mi Pueblo Maya

I passed by the local mayors office to see if it would be O K to have the prize giving in front of the palacio . With his approval I promptly pasted all the information outside, on the wall ,so the villagers could read and hopefully participate .

Next a visit to the schools passing out the information. The participants then had 10 days to do a drawing or painting .

The children had to draw a humming bird and the two young and adult categories one being of a bird and the other , my pueblo Maya.

winner of Mi Pueblo Maya

winner of Mi Pueblo Maya

As the closing day was drawing close I was getting a little concerned as there was only one drawing and so another trip to the schools to remind them and gave them two days extra to bring in their drawings. The children were a little shy to participate as this was something a little unusual .

Oh my goodness ,then I was inundated !

My task was then to select 1 st, 2nd and 3 rd prize winners in each catagorie

Saturday was the day of prize giving and I tried to co herse  the mayor to help give out the monies but I think he was busy so his secretary volunteered instead .

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One family was really happy their son won a prize and thanked me for giving motiva tión for the children      Ahhhhh! I thought ,how lovely, a forward thinking family … How lucky is this boy to have such caring parents .

I explained to all the participants that this will now be an annual affair and they have a year to practice and improve

I hope I gave some the inspiration with the small exhibition of some of my paintings. Lets see what next year brings!


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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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9 Responses to Drawing competition in Santa Elena

  1. Heather says:

    an excellent idea, Valerie! And if I may be so bold to suggest, once the art competition is established, you could have a gallery showing of all submissions in the local school with the winners displayed in a special spot. Or….you could make Christmas or all occasion greeting cards with the designs to sell and help raise money for the competition. I love the winner’s piece very much!

  2. Christine Audain says:

    I would definitely buy one of the paintings from these young artists. Maybe the next step is
    to sell the drawings to fund next years prizes?

  3. Thea C says:

    Fantastic idea Valerie – your endless energy is amazing!

    • Thank you Thea C…. ha ha I don’t know about endless energy I was quite pooped after all the running around trying to encourage the children to participate. Next year will be easy I have already heard on the grapevine that some children are already practicing for next year . Also heard one children was so happy that he won that in his house NO one is allowed to touch the money… so cute.

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