Dia de los muertos/ day of the dead

This year ,as the last ,the wonderful displays that they used to do in the village did not happen. So sad really as everywhere else there seemed to be the celebration… but of course  it always comes down to politics. Nevertheless I set up a small altar in the display area as you enter into The Pickled Onion

One of the ladies  in the village is well prepared to supply the flowers for the people in the village that do prepare their alters in their homes . I asked Maria if  I could go to her garden and take photos of course she kindly said yes and escorted me to her home and her back garden which was a sight worth seeing


a view of Marias garden of flowers with limones in the foreground

a view of Marias garden of flowers with limones in the foreground

Below you will see more of her garden

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This year … again to my trusty manager I was able to celebrate a lovely night in one of Meridas most beautiful homes….. Guests were made up mostly of expats to which most I did not know. and the place was heaving with people The food was great and wine free flowing … but below are photos showing our preparations for the event .


Here I am !!!!

And some friendsDSCN2102DSCN2100DSCN2101

Also a few photos of  house .

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More photos of the altar at The Pickled Onion and one from a Merida restaurant

A Merida restaurant Altar

A Merida restaurant Altar

The Pickled Onion Altar

The Pickled Onion Altar

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to Dia de los muertos/ day of the dead

  1. Heather Rath says:

    Hi Valerie—we well remember the Day of the Dead celebrations in the Yucatan. How sad the villagers do not seem to be so interested in this beautiful custom. We are celebrating Day of the Dead in Panama…in the city of David…and this morning we saw the Walk of the Zombies to the local cemetery. Only the Zombies must have been scared away. Instead we saw columns of school children carrying flowers.

  2. Hello Heather
    It really isnt the villagers that dont want it . The village mayor and council will not pay the monies out to help and support the schools to participate… oh well ! Maybe the next elections in three years time will bring different views .
    How wonderful you are experiencing Panama… will you be there for the Winter?
    Have fun

    • Heather says:

      Ah….politicians! that should be your next project, Valerie. Run for office and help the people help themselves. If anyone can do it, you can! We will spend the winter in Panama this year….still miss the Yucatan but there is such a great big world out there to experience. And I get beautiful glimpses of the Maya and Yucatan through your blogs.

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous flower garden! Hola Valeria!!

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