Dengue and Chikungunya ? Do I have one or the other?

The good news is that I did nt have either Dengue or Chikungunya (which I really knew deep down). Because I had similar symptoms , headache ,muscle ache in the upper torso,a slight fever, and a really bad  cough ,automatically the staff gave me the diagnosis  of one or the other . Surprising how, if one lets it happen , how fear can take over, But I know how the village people re act and the more dramatic a situation the more they like it… or if it is not dramatic enough they add to it .

For example , when we had the extreme heat in May and June my feet decided to swell a little. One of the ladies in the village saw them and said to me Valerie I have medicine in my house for this… drop by and I will find it for you.I took her up on this and happy with the results… but the next thing I heard in the village was that Dona Valeria is retaining water and she is dying !!!And that is why she is building a house so she can die in peace there…. it is so funny to hear stories like this but I guess that is what makes a village colourful .

But to continue with the Dengue or Chikungunya episode . For me to have a fever is very rare I think only 5 times in my lifetime as this happened . I spent nearly the whole day in bed with fever up and down and coughing seemed like non stop. In the end Hilario, my general manager, insisted that he took me to the doctor.

Of course I knew this would mean and injection first then the tablets for later .


The doctors diagnostic… a case of Bronchitis ! Phew that was a relief ! But as I mentioned above I knew it was not going to one of the dreaded infections as I have people come by to constantly spray and in-between times the gardeners do it also. I hate to spray as the chemicals are quite strong and to be honest if I was living here alone I would not do it … but having this kind of business one has to be aware of the guests and make them as comfortable as possible.

So for those of you who are not too wise about Dengue or Chikungunya either one of them are not very pleasant

Symptoms are sudden fever and acute aching of the joints and headaches . The mosquitos that are the culprits are usually the ones that are around in the day time .The mosquito becomes infected when they have fed from  persons that are already infected… and pass the infection the next unexpected culprit .We do have a few cases in Santa Elena but nothing compared to the city of Merida . But it is always wise to carry you repellent with you especially in built up areas .



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5 Responses to Dengue and Chikungunya ? Do I have one or the other?

  1. Whew! Glad you dodged both of those dreaded conditions. I once had “Ross River Fever” when we lived in Samoa. It is like Dengue Fever and I thought I would never get over it. It took 6 months and I thought I would never be able to walk right again. It is another mosquito disease -those mosquitoes!! What could be their purpose on earth? They must have a purpose, I say to myself, but maybe it is to thin out our human population? Sigh. I hate to hate them, but I do.

    Many good wishes to you, your family and staff. Hope all is looking up. We’d love to be there again in the not too distant future!

    • Thank you for relating your experience and how awful for you to go through this … I agree I have no idea the purpose of mosquitos in this earthly plane but as you mentioned it must be for a reason . Thank you for your good wishes and things are just fine here . I too wish for you all the very best and anytime you are welcomed here at The Pickled Onion

  2. princesanancy2012 says:

    On Monday night at 10:30 my joints all seized up and I couldn’t even open and close my hands. My legs wouldn’t work as every joint in my body was screaming. The only relief is Tylenol and we have experienced a few shortages here in Merida. I managed to do some necessary medical things this week but today, Friday I know I will be in the bed all day. I am not a fever person either so I get about 1 degree above normal. I have no idea how long this will last but it sucks for sure.
    So glad yours was something else.

  3. Oh dear Nancy I hope you soon feel better and keep taking the Tylenol or even paracetamol . It is the only thing to take no other medicine is out there yet for either one of the conditions …
    hugs to you

  4. Donna Norstadt says:

    I have never experienced this and hope I never do. I must ask what the preferred mosquito repellant is? They always get me. My legs mostly and I hate it. I hate covering my clean body with chemicals and would love to have suggestions on more natural methods.

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