Frida Kahlo celebration

I was so looking forward to the Friday night celebration of Frida Kahlo in Merida. It was going to be a dress up …… come as Frida Kahlo or Rivera ,her renouned  husband painter.Her work is becoming more famous now than her husbands although he always thought she had amazing talent as did her many admirers .

My friend, Joanna Rosado, and fellow blogger …. writing from Merida….. invited some friends to celebrate with homemade delicious Chile in Nogada and it was going to be held in their school ( ITT Merida )to be able to accommodate all .





Because I have more spare time now with having Hilario as my general manager , who incidentally does an amazing job,I thought I would really get into the swing of the dress up and take advantage of it. I took off a photo of Fridas clothes and marched down to the local seamstress , I picked out the fabric for the skirt and within a few days it was ready. I had already picked out a blouse to wear from my closet but then I got more inspired and decided to make one to go with the outfit .

As I am in Merida quite often I took the opportunity to buy some trinkets…. Frida liked a lot of rings having one on every finger…. now this fashion is popular with young and old alike. I picked out the funkiest I could find , rings, necklaces, bracelets earrings  etc . It was becoming quite fun. Then next into the cosmetic shop to buy nail varnish … you know the bright red type, lipstick and of course the black pencil to make the infamous eyebrows . The more stuff I bought the more I was getting quite excited at the thought .

Joann gave me a braid… this is where I fall short , as I was not going to paint my hair black so a blonde Frida Kahlo look alike it would have to be.

I went into Merida the night before to help as much as I could with the preparations . I was going to make the flower arrangements  for the tables and was looking forward to doing my bit.



Jonna and I head off to the flower shop to buy the flowers which Joanna had picked out the nice colour scheme. And so the work began .The kitchen was abuzz with many workers helping out preparing, cutting and chopping etc and after two days of preparation the time was near.

Joanna with her painting

Joanna with her painting

Joanna put on her display of her latest painting which was beautiful. An inspiration of Frida from the back view and a tattoo like design of her eyes and brows on her back.

So time for dress up . I had mentioned to the staff that no one would recognize  me very easily, which is what I wanted… For most it worked and it was fun to watch the faces of the ones that finally realized who I was.


I had not known that as I was preparing my costume that there would be prizes but to my surprise I was the winner of the most original then a second prize was for the most colourful and a third prize that went to be shared with the women in pink.

Fridas in pink

Fridas in pink


Las Fridas

A very fun event and one I hope to attend more of now that I have the free time.

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6 Responses to Frida Kahlo celebration

  1. This was a great event and you and your costume was the talk of the event.

  2. What fun you all had and it was great fun reading all about it here. Thank you!!

  3. Heather Rath says:

    Oh fun, Valerie! Joanna’s idea brought back the memory of a restaurant in downtown Merida called Frida’s. On Calle 63 maybe? I wonder if it’s still going. Perhaps now, with more time, you can enjoy yourself more often! You deserve it.

    • Thank you Heather… Joanna had done this for quite some time in her house but this year it was a fund raiser for a friend of hers that is need of medical attención …. so it was a fun night and it would benifit a person in need.Great combination . Yes the Fridas restaurant is stil open and operating. There are so many more restaurants now in Merida I am sure if you were to visit you would be perplexed at where to eat …
      one day we shall see each other again !

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