Never say never

My mother and father took their  first cruise in 1961 to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary .It was going to be an elaborate affair as my mother packed her fur shawls , long evening dresses ,her imitation diamond tiaras whilst my father was packing his dinner jacket and bow tie. In the early days of cruising this was the normal attaire for dinner EVERY night.Every  meals served at the table and waited upon.

The ship set sail to see the wonders of Egypt along the mediterranean seas. I dont remember taking in too much interest as they were about to leave. All I was thinking was a week on my own….

They arrived home with stories of their trip and souveniers . The one that sticks out in my mind was a leather red and Green ottaman that had to be packed tightly with old clothes and newspapers to Puff it up …. before we could sit on it… This came from Egypt .

The cruise industry has changed since those days…. they have become more affordable for the working class… ( oh my parents were working class but mum liked to think she was a bit above , at times ) the rules are more relaxed, no indivdual tables dinning with the Captain… Buffet style breakfast and lunch .So where is all this leading to.? Well I said I would never go on a cruise… I have said never to a few things in my life but finished up doing it…


The opportunity came about because a friend of mine, who lives in Merida, asked if I would like to join her( she was really looking for a room mate ) on a cruise that was leaving from Progresso … I had seen this a  couple of years ago and thought it would be interesting as it is geared to the Mexican tourists and would be a neat way to be involved with the culture and learn more spanish .

So I took the bait and said I would go along, knowing that my trusty general manager was up to speed in accepting reservations etc meaning that I did not have to partly work as the last getaway I took. Ah! this will be freedom for me!

The Price was unbelivabley cheap ! It was leaving Progresso north of Merida and heading for Gran Cayman islands,Roatan, Belize ,Cozumel and back to Progresso taking 8 days in total. T he embarkation was a bit haphazard but we made it on board .. the cabin was tight squeeze especially as my room mate is well, a Little overweight but we managed !

Previously I had taken off the internet the ships diagram of all the floors so I dropped off my bagage and went off exploring . I was looking for the spa!!! I figured the first day is a sea day and that is the day I pamper myself. I booked this .day with a massage, manicure, pedicure and hairdo… and a couple of more massages for the rest of the week and the hairstylist for the one night formal dinner that was scheduled . This was going to be a me week …. I said to myself as the bill mounted up … you deserve this Valerie ! Then I realized it had been more than 9 years since I had a manicure or a pedicure…. Darn right Valerie you do deserve this , laughing silently!

IMG_1159 IMG_1133

It was a pleasant trip , the staff were great, the food was good, the trips were enjoyable

I made new friends , had wonderful experiences …swimming with the sting rays  in Gran Cayman ,was way too cool !


The ruins of Lumanai in Belice are spectacular !






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Cozumal I am not sure I would be in a hurry to spend time there , even though it is not far from where I live.

So all in all very pleasant and relaxing… would I do it again?

Never say never .

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to Never say never

  1. Valerie, I’m so happy to hear the cruise was fun! I have always said I would never go either. Well, never say never I guess! Looks like great fun actually! You did really deserve a great vacation!

    • Hello there . It was most enjoyable . We struck it lucky really as that week the ship only had half occupancy. As people dis embarked in Cozumal and new arrivals for the following trip I could see it was going to be hectic. Then I was told by one of the stewards that it would be full. Happy we choose the week we did .

  2. marioymaria says:

    My husband and me would like to take this cruise. Where do I get information? Thanks!

  3. Heather Rath says:

    you deserve all the pampering and new adventures, Valerie. what a great idea to board the ship in Progreso!

    • Hi heather it is a cruise geared to the Spanish speaking countries . The ship is Pullmantur a Spanish cruiser . This cruise leaves from Progresso and returns to Progresso for the next run . Only for July and August

  4. Hello you can find information on the website of Pullmantur it is a Spanish shipping line company and is geared for the Spanish speaking countries. They only run this cruise in July and August out of Progresso and or Cozumal . I wish you luck with your search … It is easy
    Saludos Valerie

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