So much time has passed since I wrote anything on my blog It is hard to believe how quickly it goes

Where I left off was , I think ,way back in early Feb . After checking my dates it was Dec when I last posted….

Wow!I had no idea it had been so long!

This year I went to the pre carnival dance in Merida put on by the Red Cross and the event is for only women.. The costumes and the dancing was amazing! Such creativity !

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I am a member of the I W C (international womens club) although I must profess you will not see me at the meeting or participating in the many wonderful programs and charity work they do. Living at least one hour away and with having the business it makes it difficult at times. But this time I promised my self I would go as a member of the I W C to the pre carnival .

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I did not realize we were going to dress up but someone had a T shirt for me and a few others ,that had thought the same as me. So we doned our costumes and off we went.


The girls actually won the price for the most comical…. And I think that was the first time in the history of the I W C that they had won a price .

As mentioned in a previous post about the old beetle I had re painted and “done up” with hopes of renting it out to tourists that come without a car. Well this did not really work out … I decided I did not want the liability if anything had happened whilst driving out and about. I lent it out to some lovely friends of mine to see how it would be for them. Sort of a test drive. Well they came back after quite an adventure and informed of what needs to be done…. The husband knew quite a lot about Beetle Bugs. So after this run I decided it was not worth it … What did I do with my lovely beetle that had worked so hard for me over the last 8 years? I sold him! But he is still in the village as one of my staff asked if he could buy it from me…. He loved the colours and was delighted with his purchase.

I did shed a tear as he was driven away… it had held so many memories for me. I have never shed tears over a car before so that caught me off guard.


I sometimes see him driving by at night ,with all his family in the car, going for a spin .So I know he has gone to a loving home.

The next project started not long after saying goodbye to the Beetle. A new house !

In the beginning there was only earth

In the beginning there was earth!

No not to rent out but for me! I now have a lovely bathroom with a jaccuzi tub ( oh such luxury) a separate bedroom with closets. Although I still prefer to sleep in the hammock. A kitchen where I can now make my breakfast without disturbing the boys in the kitchen as they prepare breakfast for the guests . An area with lots of light so I can continue my painting and my work area , computer etc and a small seating area. Oh yes and patio doors from the bedroom onto a small patio. Wow ! I am in heaven! The project started at the end of March and by the end of June I was moved in and my old house re vamped ready for the high tourist season again in July/August .


It took two workers  from the village ,3 months from start to finish…. they did an awesome job!

So we now can offer two family rooms that sleep up to 5 people

And we re vamped two more rooms adding extra beds to accommodate up to 4 people.

The other news is I now have a general manager who is excellent and makes my life so much easier. Instead of everyone coming to see me to ask what to do I give Hilario the information and he takes it from there.IT was just becoming too much for me to deal with the overseeing, reservations and shopping for the restaurant. So one could say I am now officially semi retired and it feels so good.

I managed a short visit to Canada to be with my 90 year old aunt and I returned with her where she stayed with me for a week. But after being on the property for only two hours the poor thing fell and fractured her arm. But again luck was on our side


I whisked her to a doctor in Ticul , had her x rayed and as luck would have it , it was the day a bone doctor came into to Ticul from Merida( he comes once a week) so he strapped her up and we were back home in 2 hours.


It did not hamper her mood though she ploughed through and was joking and chatting up the boys…. They loved her!

I have learned how to facetime on my new ipad so now I can talk with my daughter

I have lovely new space to live in

The business is booming

Life is good and I am forever grateful

So who ever is watching over me a big Thank you daily I will say to you

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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  1. Oh, how I miss the Yucatan….your placelooks great & glad business is doing well. As a side note, did you sell all the Mayan doll dresses & if so, were you able to get more?

  2. Nikki Strope says:

    Wow! What a busy, productive year it has been for you. I will look forward to seeing you and all the “changes” when we come in November.

  3. sandra says:

    Que bueno leer tu blog y ver como van las cosas. Disfrutar de su familia es muy importante ! Segura nos vemos pronto, cuidate mucho

  4. Donna Norstadt says:

    Once again you are amazing. I have so enjoyed watching your progress. I absolutely love the outside of your house. We are moving to Mahahual in October and will no doubt make it over to see you. I hope you will also consider a vacation to the Caribbean side? So looking forward to life in Mexico.

  5. Yes Donna I feel like you have been with me every step of the way. And appreciated your lovely comments and having you stay so many times with me.I will surely make it over to see you.I would love to see your place too. You have also done amazing job on all your new projects
    hugs Valerie

  6. Heather Rath says:

    Hi Valerie:
    We can’t believe you finally built yourself a home. Way back when….when you began this wonderful venture on rocks and land thick with jungle brush, you pointed to the back of the scruffy property and said ‘that is where I want to build my own home’. And that was only after you BEGAN your restaurant. What you have accomplished since then is amazing. You have worked very hard, very earnestly, and treated everyone fairly and with respect. You live the Golden Rule. And that is why you receive your daily blessings. Congratulations, Valerie. One day our paths will cross again and we look forward to it. Hugs, Heather and Norm

    • So nice to hear from you Heather and Norm…. Thank you for your kind words you have always been so supportive of me … and I appreciate this so very much
      I hope we do see each other again someday… in the near future
      hugs and love

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