Day of the Dead….. Hanal Pixan

It is that time of year again when the traditional day of the dead is fast approaching.As I have written before ,here in the Mayab… the land of the Maya it is called Hanal Pixan or food for the souls .


Hanal Pixan 2014


Last year I went into Merida where they do the day of the dead walk from the cemetery to Ermita church… it is an annual event which attracts locals and tourists alike… it is quite unique to be amongst the throngs … This year I am laying low and decided to erect my own altar in the entrance way to The Pickled Onion .

The exhibits in Santa Elena where not as nice as in previous years where all the children participated to erect their own altars. Some where very elaborate ,  very well done. This year though there was no help from the Ayuntamiento ( the local government) the mayor saying he did not have the money this year…. que lastima … what a shame… it certainly did not have the feel as in previous years. Most in the village said it was .. muy pobre…. very poor and were sadly disappointed… I thought it strange as in Merida they are always saying we need to keep the traditions alive but bottom line it always comes down to money. Below are a few photos of the mega display… so sad really

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Remember the photo I published a couple of weeks ago  on Facebook showing my new cross, well now you will know for what reason I had it made.

My cross ready for Hanal Pixan

My cross ready for Hanal Pixan

I had a display cabinet made to fit into the new entrance way and I was so excited to make the first display of many that I have on my mind .


The green cross with adorned with a typical maya dress

So my first display is to celebrate Hanal Pixan


the outdoor display



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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to Day of the Dead….. Hanal Pixan

  1. DiAnn Bottomley says:

    I love it! Hope to be down for another visit in 2016. Yes, very sad when the government money dries up.

  2. Hello DiAnn thank you for your comments
    The truth is the money has not dried up but put into the pockets.!!!! It is coming into a new election year and the president tries to stash as much money as posible before leaving office… Believe me it is common practice I think it is not only in Mexico this happens but all over the world…. sad sad sad when there are so many poor

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