The new addition


The new addition is complete and working beautifully….

When guests arrived for their reservations or passing by looking for a room they had to enter the restaurant and in the high season ( like now!) when we are  busy in the restaurant and  it was becoming a little crowded …

So a new addition was needed… first was ,where we could construct it , how would it be constructed , how much space would we need. I kept looking at different options as to where etc. Finally I came up with the idea of between the restaurant and the bathrooms… Then I had to come up with a design.I listened to many different ideas from the construction workers until we all decided on how it should be.

The area we had chosen was really ideal as it only housed a small garden.First the construction of  the building would be in  a square shape but I looked carefully then said this would not work as there would be a corner that would jutt out into the pathway and it would be hard to negotiate.So a rounded curve it would be. It kind of fitted in with the oval shape of the houses and made for easier navigation to the bathrooms and to the housess beyond.

From the intial to the end it took three weeks.It was amazing how much space it did create. So much so that I am able to have my gift store to sell locally made itmes  tthat  I had longed for a few years ago.

I had to figure out the windows as I wanted to have as much light as possible . The door could not open in or out because of space so a sliding door was the answer .

I love my new space……A RECEPTION…..I can bring in my computer instead of disapearing into my house to see if we have spare rooms etc. I can sit looking out at the world, whislt working checking emails etc, instead of couped up in my house. I am more available for clients questions ( and believe me there ae many LOL),to give information etc .The cash register is moved from the kitchen into the reception area freeeing up more space for the kitchen and wait staff…



And the best thing is I have now hired a receptionist for the afternoons, ( now I can siesta) Maria is from the villlage , always looks immaculate, speaks english,spanish and maya,and Maria is also the masseuse .


Now, a little rest from construction until the high sseason is over for a couple of weeks than we start again in October until April…. what do I have in store … Mmmm lets see!

Oh and did I mention that we now have gifts for sale made my local artists… also snacks and the fridge will be coming soon for sale of chocolates/ refreshments/local honey

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About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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16 Responses to The new addition

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    I am amazed by your bountiful energy, creative ideas and pizzazz for life. Su vida es muy occupado y es bueno. Mi gusto para ti.


      Heh! Donna look who is talking about bountiful energy…..and creative ideas… it would be hard to top you my dear friend .Espero que continuar aprendiendo espanol ….. se ve que si…. felicidades

  2. Lee says:

    That adds so much function to your beautiful space! And in 3 weeks? Wow. Congratulations!


    Yes Lee it does….. I am getting pretty good at being a contractor ha ha … and not bad as an arquetec (think I spelled that wrong) but dont ask me to draw up plans on paper ha ha .

  4. gosh, it looks fabulous Valerie, what a great ‘addition’ indeed!

  5. iteach2013 says:

    Looks lovely! Hoping we can make the trip out there soon! 🙂

  6. Elvira Jimenez says:

    Awsome! Creating “fuentes de trabajo”

  7. chris gordon says:

    love the paint colors was wondering what they were

    • Hello Chris and thank you for reading my blog post.
      I just love these colours too….they are from Comex which is expensive but the best on the market here and the colours are
      Amarillo Villas and Rojo Castianas

  8. I love it! We need to make it out there again…it’s been too long…

    • Thank you Rae Ann… would love to see you… but I know being in business it is very difficult to find time… I keep telling myself that I will visit your place and sadly as of now I have not been able to make it. Funny the times that I do get a chance to stay in Merida it always seems to be the day you are close. I will have to change that situation soon.
      take care

  9. There is no end to your ingenuity or energy, Valerie…congratulations on the completion of a super idea!

  10. Again thank you Heather and Norm

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