The NEW chocolate museum

To my dismay ,the first chocolate museum located on the Ruta Puuc ,has closed its doors only to be relocated closer to Uxmal on land that was bought from Hacienda Uxmal .


I remember the first time I met Mathew , the owner. He came to the restaurant to eat with sometimes with  his family from Belgium ,who were visiting at the time. He was in the process of purchasing the land to build the museum close to Sayil and Labnah. He excitedly told me of his plans etc and I was so excited to hear about his project.

Sadly his predictions about the amount of people he would attract did not materialize . I remember mentioning at the time…. Do you really think you would attract that amount of people? I asked. Oh yes ! Valerie. So, plans in hand he got to work on his project .It was beautifully constructed ! On the inauguration day came many guests , mostly from the tourist industry .with hopes of promoting the stopover for their clients.In the end the big bus tours said they could not take 1 hour of their tour schedule to stop by even though it would have been worth it . When they added the Maya chocolate ceremony it only enhanced the visit.

I went many times to visit with friends, family or guests. But there was not a day that I went, that we were the only people there.I would always recommend my guests to take a visit and all came back with a big thank you for the information…. they loved it!

But as with all business one has to do what is best and so Mathew  would drop by, now and again ,chatting to me about his venture . So he took his decision and started what is now called the Choco Story , close to Uxmal .

Yesterday was the grand inauguration and of course I was there to give support to Mathew . Again he has done an excellent job . The buildings are beautiful ,the gardens will grow into maturity, and the best…. he kept his employees from the first museum and brought them all to Uxmal… This does mean more travelling time for them back and forth to Oxcutzcab and Tekax but I am sure they are happy to have work… and to work for Mathew.

There are a few new exhibits which makes it more interesting . So if you have already been to see the chocolate museum located on the Ruta Puuc… please take the time to go to the new one… it really is worth it! Oh ! and not forgetting the famous work of Patricia, from Muna , and her brother working on their re- production pottery pieces . Their work is exquisite!


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Note: Mathew has introduced Jaguars on the site and of course his monkeys  But please do not be shocked to see them in cages ( big ones). These are animals that have been rescued from various places that were being abused or just abandon !

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5 Responses to The NEW chocolate museum

  1. Bob Adams says:

    The original museum was a delightful place to visit and we have wonderful memories. Now, we’ll have to make plans to visit the new site!

  2. I guess I should have mentioned about the Plantation. They are keeping the plantation and all the cacao trees.Mathew told me it would be open twice a year for the people who bought trees to view. But I do not know what dates, when I do I will inform you all. They are planting new trees to be part of the museum. Some plants they have brought also but they are young saplings. But we all know how quickly they grow here!

  3. Thanks for this insight into starting and building a new business, no matter where one lives. You are a testimony in how to build a successful business, Valerie. There is much truth in what you write. Our best wishes to Mathew on his Uxmal location.

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