Maya Massage True or False?


Before writing this article I would just like to make a statement.I know it will anger some people but in my book honesty counts .

This is from what I know, my experiences, and the voices of the Maya village people where I live, it is NOT directed at anyone in particular but if you choose to take it personally then so be it.

Again I am prompted to write this article because of all the hype regarding Maya Massages

Ask anyone in the small village of Santa Elena what is a Maya Massage and they will look at you perplexed . What do you mean Valerie ? They will ask.

The Maya only know the word to “sobar” which means to rub.If anyone has a hurt ,a sprain etc then they will find someone who will rub just the area. Or they will find a “doctor de huesos ” what we know as a chiropractor A full body massage is not the Maya tradition !It is a myth and an invention  created to attract tourists  in believing it is so, being influenced by the eur0pean and north american markets. Not only these markets but influenced by chinese medicine also .

Dona Feliz is a local lady that works mostly with women in pregnancy and she massages or sobar the stomach area to relief cramps or whatever the pregnant lady is suffering at the time.

Don Eddie will massage the back area

Don Felix ,the herbalist, can cure a snake bite or he will even make a tincture of herbs placing on a part of the body that needs to be healed. example a bruise .

Shamans do NOT normally( sober) massage but cleans the aura ( as we know it now) of any negative energy ………. called a cleansing or in spanish sacar el mal .They use  local herbs ( such as basil and ruda )mixed in a solution of alcohol  sprinkled over the heads and body to ward off evil spirits .He performs ceremonies for cleansing the earth for a good harvest, offers prayers on his altar.The altars are simple, adorned with flowers, and candles . One would never see crystals either on the altar but now a few are adopting crystals .. again because of the foreign influence .

Flat river stones placed on chakras or used as a heated stone massage is NOT MAYA but comes from the orient .

The ladies /men that give massages in Progresso are usually giving the swedish massage technique .

So please do not confuse the public by selling a Maya massage that is probably given by a Maya person. There is no such thing as a Maya Massage .

The photo I have is of Maria who is from the village and guests always ask me if she gives a Maya Massage and I tell them the truth…. I could say yes! Because she is Maya .But that is and would be dishonest , in my opinion . But if you want to believe it ,then get ready to spend a  lot of money…




I talked with one of my many Maya workers before writing the article . His words…” that is good you are telling the truth about the Maya people Valerie”.


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to Maya Massage True or False?

  1. Valerie, Thank you so much for clarifying this! So much of what is wonderful about Yucatan is Mayan. It is a shame for others to distort, pervert, and invent Mayan practices for commercial profit. The truth is far superior!

  2. Sharron McGrath says:

    Valerie: Many thanks for setting the record straight. I am sure many others who do not know this will be paying mucho dinero for an over-priced “Maya Message”.

  3. Thank you Allison The main reason this was written is for exactly the same reason you mentioned.Inventing Maya practices for commercial profit…. it really irks me when I read about or hear people in the restaurant talking about the Maya culture when they know nil only what they have read in new age books etc . So then they adapt it as their own knowledge passing onto unsuspecting tourists ..Its a pity !

  4. Jacobo says:

    “Dona Feliz is a local lady that works mostly with women in pregnancy and she massages or sobar the stomach area to relief cramps or whatever the pregnant lady is suffering at the time.”

    The Maya abdominal massage technique is a lot more than extensive. There is a shaman in Temozon, near Ek Balam that uses the technique.

    • Yes you are right but she also aligns the uterus returning it to its rightful place in the abdomen area .When I first started my project I used to do a lot of heavy lifting and digging… I know my uterus moved and I called in Dona Feliz who worked on my abdomen extensively , explaining what she was doing and why.I cannot begin to tell you how I felt after her work.I just feel fortunate that I was brought here to live among the Maya people.I have a great respect for their healing traditions which are natural and pure .And of course the fee is not beyond reach !

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