A mother,s day tribute

Heart warming story for Mothers Day

A young lady from Cancun made reservations to stay with me for a couple of days bringing with her, her husband,her mother and father who also live in Cancun. Also her brother and family who had recently flown from San Francisco to be with his mother for mothers day.

Part of the family

Part of the family

The families origin are from Tekax but as with all families things change . Laura went to live in Cancun along with her mother and father where they have lived for more than 25 years .Two boys went over the border to make their million and a new live. Normally boys that go over the border return after a few years but the two boys stayed and made a family and home with good jobs and I am sure, after meeting them ,they have become a great asset to their new country.


The family I met on the first day where just a pleasure to have stay with me. They were pleasant , kind and accepting of all.

The second day took them out and about to see the sights of Uxmal and the Ruta Puuc returning in the afternoon for  cool off swim in the pool.

Later in the evening some of the family went to see the Uxmal sound and light show whilst Laura left for a secret rendezvous in Merida.

The secret was they were going to airport to pick up her second brother and family who were arriving as a surprise visit for Mothers Day.

You see it had been 25 years since all the family had been together at the same time.They arrived from the airport in time to get settled in before the others returned from Uxmal.

Mum was talked into coming into the restaurant to eat something but really it was so her second son ( her baby as she told me later)could make a surprise entrance.

The tension and excitement was building for the family members that knew about the secret. I went around snapping photos saying I wanted to capture the family for my guest book but really I wanted to be ready to snap the surprised mother and father as their son walked in with his family.

The moment

The moment

The reunion was so emotional that it not only brought tear the the eyes of everyone but I found myself having to wipe away a few tears from my eyes also.

One can see the love in those eyes

One can see the love in those eyes

What a wonderful Mothers day surprise!

They laughed together, shared stories until the small hours of the night and continued at breakfast the next day.

The air was electric with gratitude all flowing with love. They left to continue their journey onto Cancun where , I am sure, there was more laughter, tears and sharing of stories.

What a wonderful family, caring,loyal and just being themselves enjoying the moment. I saw them for who they really are and they saw me for who I really am, not what people think I am. It will be one of those memories that will be forever with me.

Happy Mothers Day to each and every mother.

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P S sorry some of the photos are little blurred…. there was just so much movement going on.

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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7 Responses to A mother,s day tribute

  1. Andrew Pickles says:

    What a beautiful story!!
    Makes me happy to have a Mother like you! Happy Mothers Day from all of is thinking about you so far away!
    Love Andrew Kim Connor and Emily

  2. Joan Hall says:


  3. Thank you so much Andrew,Kim,Connor and Emily . I really do appreciate your well wishes
    Hugs to all
    MUM xoxoxoox

  4. It is hard isnt Joan when we are worlds apart yet so close. I am sure they will especially as one noted the true love for each other.

  5. Bob Adams says:

    A sweet story…..
    And a Happy Mother’s Day and a big hug to you, Valerie.
    Bob Adams

  6. Yes Bob when we witness people like these it restores ones faith in humanity..
    Thank you for the well wishes too and hugs back …. to you both

  7. Bob Adams says:

    Hello, Valerie!
    Thanks for the quick response.

    On this Special Day, a heart-felt Salute to Mothers around the world. Mothers are very special people – especially to sons (ok…. and daughters too!). If your guests are still with you, give her a hug from me…..

    You may enjoy this video…..


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