At last a real holiday !

I am on, what I would say is a real holiday! I have managed to return to Canada on a couple of occasions to see family and friends  and it is always great to see everyone but it,s  not really a true holiday.For me a true holiday is going somewhere you have never been before ,taking in new sites ,new sounds and just to experience other parts of our world.

I joined a group taking a trip to Chiapas and organized by Joanna  Rosado  ( writing from Merida fame )and her husband Jorge and also with the help of their lovely niece Jill.

We started on 20th March all 38 gathering around Parque Mejorada in Merida to catch the bus… The journey this day was going to be long as we headed for Villahermosa about 9hours drive with a stop for lunch .

We ate lunch in Champoton with a sea view . I have to be honest here the service was not the best and the food was not really up to par…but we were hungry and devoured the food in front of us.But being fair, I know these restaurants cater to bus loads that show up unexpected… I know its quite daunting to see a mirage of tourists turn up without warning on the doorstep of a restaurant all wanting the bathrooms,something to drink and eat and as quickly as possible…. It can be nightmarish !!!

After the lunch we were packed back on the bus to head to Villahermosa for the night .

As I still do have to check internet for reservations whilst I am away my main concern was to get on the computer as soon as I could to inform the boys back home if any (and there was) reservations had come through… So that out of the way time for a nice hot shower and something to eat and to hit the sack ready for an early start tomorrow .

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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3 Responses to At last a real holiday !

  1. Marc says:

    It sounds like a great holiday. And Happy Birthday! We’ll come for a visit to celebrate after you get home.

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