Cant believe it!!!!

After weeks of filling out papers and more papers, taking phone call after phone call I cant believe the day has finally arrived.

It was time for a new car…. my poor Beetle bug is ready to hit the garbage dump (well not exactly which I will explain later)… door handles dropping off, windows that dont work,paint gone rusty, holes in the floor, seats ripped but it has been so kind to me . It has carried everything from toilets, cement, tables,chairs,plants, floor tiles ,even a lamb ( see my article from the year …..) Office supplies and groceries for the restaurant. You name it and I have carried it! The police in Merida know me quite well, not for speeding or the likes but because I have had to phone 066 a free service anywhere in the city for a car that will not run…. They have boosted my battery on many occasions when the connection was not up to par. When the people see me in the village walking they always say…? Donde esta su coche Valeria.?…. Where is your car Valerie? And I would laugh and say , It,s in the car hospital, they would laugh with me and say, What again?


The packers in the parking lot too , know me quite well, especially when I come out of a store like Home Depot. They look at me disbelieving saying “you want ALL that in there?” Yep ! I answer and we get stuck in to see how best the purchases will fit.

Then, usually I go onto Costco just to add more STUFF…. on the back seat, keeping in mind that they have to make visible the back window to see out of….Then the last trip is to buy chemicals for the pool…. oh yes ! That poor little bug has been loaded down on many occasions, in the last 8 years that I have had it.

As I mentioned previously it is nt really going to the dump but I have decided to re-model it… It does need a new floor in the passengers side, the drivers side was done a couple of months ago.Lots of work to be done , then a new paint job ready for my other idea . I was thinking of renting it out for the tourists that come without a car and are surprised to find out they cannot actually make the Ruta Puuc without one. Or even for the bug enthusiasts that would just like to go for a spin.

So now it was time for a new one…………. Because I am living here in the Yucatan I wanted to create a credit rating , as one never knows when it is needed. I could have bought the car cash but decided to see how I could acquire credit for a car… Well ! what a performance ! They required more paper work than the immigration dept for a credit company to accept me… yes, even though I have this business for 7 years now, have a bank account, accept credit cards, pay my taxes etc etc ,  and I have all legal papers for my property . Their response , well you are a foreigner … which yes I can accept this , no problem, But they told me it would take more time because of this. Finally I got fed up with the to and fro and decided to go direct to my bank.

Now the bank manager really did not have much time for me before but all of a sudden because I am borrowing money , I am his best friend.He changed my account to a preferred customer … that means I will not have to wait in line for more than 40 mins if I go to the window… I will have immediate service.  Ah! well that,s good news, I guess ..Changed my debit card to a preferred customer and oh yes I can now access lots of other options.

It took another 3 weeks to be approved with more copies of documents etc etc  but today is the day that I get my new car! Well at least they said today…. it was supposed to be monday but because of the Carnaval all the banks were closed for … not one day but two!


Car delivered with ballon and ribbon … sorry folks no bikini… those days are gone!

So here it is…. a nice orange/pumpkin V W Crossfox… Yeah !I know ,the car is a man thing and the colour is a women thing.

I was asked if I had any other options besides orange/pumpkin as they did not have one in the showroom…. Sorry, I said there are no other options! By the way if you are looking for this on line in U S or Canada .. sorry folks they dont make them there… They are only for the Central and South Americas markets.


Now the men in the town are giving me the thumbs up for the new car. It is quite funny to see their reaction as I drive passed. The women are a little bit more subdued.

But I can hear the gossips now…. Ella tiene dinero! She has money!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to Cant believe it!!!!

  1. Pat Stodd says:

    Hi Valorie…Eric, Mary and I passed your car as we were driving home Wednesday afternoon from your place. There were no balloons on the highway but we knew it had to be your new treasure because of the color and gave a huge shout-out. It looks great. Drive it in great health and joy!
    Pat Stodd

  2. joan hall says:

    way to go Valerie!! love the color, and it sure is well deserved, now you can shop and fill it up easily!! (then you won’t have ‘money)

  3. Your are right Joan… already did a shop in Merida. The men that help with the packing were highly delighted and they showed it. I went with a redundancy letter, as a joke ,as normally I needed two people to pack the old bug…. so i had to let one go! We had a great laugh at that one.

  4. Alexis says:

    It looks great Valerie….the great orange pumpkin….I love it!!!

  5. Heather says:

    You deserve that new magic pumpkin coach, Valerie. We well remember all the stuff you stuffed into the little white beetle. It owes you nothing!

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