Internet connection

Because of more than one  comment made on that there was no Wi Fi in the rooms ( although we do  have stated that it is in the public areas)It prompted me to  write a little about how difficult it has been to even get this kind of service here.

More than 5 years ago I was introduced to Hughes Net by way of a local girl that was replacing her equipment ( the first to have internet in the Village ) and I bought the satalite second hand where upon it was installed from someone that lives in Cancun…. I later found out he was not  true represenative from Hughes.. but that is another story.

The connection went well and I began the payments to Hughes in the states at quite a high cost… The internet worked O K until a storm hit then it would cut out and it would mean an email from a Cyber in Ticul( a faster  internet service than here in the village ) to get it fixed .Then another trip the next day to see what was being done about it.Not to mention also that I tried Skype but the signal was not strong enough to function as it should.

This happened quite frequently during the rainy season that it began to get frustrating.

After a spell of maybe one to one and a half years another enterprising young lady came to see me saying that they were planning on getting internet in their home and creating a Cyber Cafe and would I be interested in connecting with them on a DSL link.

YES! YES! YES! I said… So the procedure began . They installed a tower with a small receiver on top of the restaurant roof .

First the small box that brought in the internet

First the small box that brought in the internet

It is  that here we dont get the normal service like Telmex ,… they will not invest in a tower because there are not enough people in the village that would be using it.Their tower, to erect would cost 300,000 pesos and so they feel they would not recuperate their monies quick enough.

I was the first to get a connection with Martha and her brother Jovani and we tirelessly worked together to figure how to improve… her first server came from Calkini which is further away and he was certainly not reliable .One day we had a good service then the next it was either bad or non existent she would repeatedly call him and he would not respond to  the calls and Martha had to literally travel nearly one hour just to talk with him and this would happen often.
Two other Gringo couples saw I had internet and approached Martha to install in their place… but due to frustrations they decided to cancel the service and ask for their money back… But my gut feeling would not let me do this as I figured sooner or later it would improve.
So the service  now comes from Muna with two smaller towers  having to be erected because of the hills and the topography  of this area  ,from a private local family who have invested their own monies to bring Internet here. .
We could get it from Ticul much closer but the same needs to happen… one or two towers and they cost over 70,000 pesos each,and the permission for the ejditarios,,, the local people that own the land . to sell a small potions to erect a tower and they did not agree to it.
So Martha went with Carlos from Muna which meant, as I  mentioned she had to pay for re installations and new equipment for her cyber cafe.Again it still took some time about 8 months until things got working fairly well… Last week she again updated her equipment giving us more megabits … I asked her if she could arrange for Carlos to come and give me an idea of cost to have internet in all the rooms, which he did yesterday … and yesterday was the only day he could do it or I  would have to wait another week.. you see he has another job where he works 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week.Up to yesterday all this has taken about 5 years to complete! With a lot of money spent on my part too!
The extra equipment to bring in service to the rooms.

The extra equipment to bring in service to the rooms.

 We will still get interruption of service because of adverse weather conditions but at least it will be repaired quickly .
I am so happy I  stayed with Martha through the thick and thin…. Patience is certainly a virtue in my case.
To see the clients using the internet around the pool , sitting on their own private porch made me give a sigh of relief.. One more thing done and accomplished!

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to Internet connection

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    Yes that is a good thing to have internet in the rooms. I lived fine without it when I am visiting your place but I understand the world expects it. I also recall the early internet at your place and I can certainly understand how much work, time, energy and money it has taken. You continue to be a remarkable woman in her feats. Thank you for all you have done. I am sure your future customers will be very appreciative.

    • Yes Donna and you really tried to help me out thank you…. but this is now turning to be fun to watch the people as they do their thing by the pool, on their private terrace…. Now I can go to bed early without having to wait for people finishing up with the internet…. AAHHHHHHHhhhhh!

  2. Fred Sigman says:

    As someone who makes his living on the Internet, I always have to consider not only the availability of the Internet where I travel but the bandwidth. My travel planning is sometimes more concerned with making sure i am wired where I go than what clothes I bring. However, when I am at the Pickled Onion, I am just as happy when or if the service is disrupted. I can always upload stuff later. In the meantime, a couple of ‘cheladas’, a bit of writing, and all is well.

    • Hello Fred how nice to hear from you… The travellers that are coming through this area are quite a bit different than even 5 years ago. No one would ask me if I had internet… now they come in with trembling hands and the first thing they ask… is the internet working? We all should get back to more writing Fred…. just my opinion!I do understand people who still have to work whilst on holiday as I am one of them.
      hope to see you again someday

  3. Greg says:

    Do you have a name and number for a HughesNet installer in Merida? Please help!

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