High Tea with the I W C (international women,s club, Merida)

High tea with the I W C is a monthly affair being hosted in someones private home.The ladies bring goodies and beverages to be shared.This months get together was held in my friends house Joanna and Jorge Rosado and instead of being only for the women the men were invited along too!

Jorge and Roger

Jorge and Roger

I did not think I would be able to make it but I made it happen. After sorting out a few things around here, paper work,reservations etc etc etc I jumped in my old V W  with my overnight bag, computer ( Yea! I still have to check in 3 or 4 times a day. Believe me if I did not have my business the computer would not even be a thought) .Turned the ignition  and nothing, zilch, nada.Oh! no! not again…. I had had this problem fixed only a month ago , or so I thought.I said to myself … this cannot happen and dam it I am going no matter what.I called a taxi from Ticul to take me to the mechanic arriving with that look on my face that the boys know only too well.I could see their mind going and thinking OH no, now what?

They were in the midst of eating breakfast with food sprawled over the bonnet/hood of a car that they were fixing.

“Sorry guys, breakfast is over “. I said ,as I handed over  the keys to my car .” Jump in the car with me Valerie “.said my mechanic and off we speed back to Santa Elena with a helper in tow.Well ,the only thing they could do was jump start it and take it back to Ticul for a new starter motor. I told him I was on my way to Merida for a special occasion so now I will have to catch the bus.”Come on Valerie ,we will take you to the bus station “… “no thats O K ,” I said .” I will catch the bus from here at 12.30pm.”

I hopped on the bus thinking well it is O K I can finish reading my book on the way.I know all the countryside by heart from here to Merida and no need to window gaze.I woke up just as we entered the bus station in Merida…….. I could,nt believe I had slept that long.I did feel better for it though.I walked my way to el centro as I had a couple of things I wanted to buy then hailed a taxi to take me to Joanna,s house were I found her in the throws of preparing for the onslaught.

I did arrange for the taxi driver to come and pick me up the next day at 10.30am , take me to Costco for restuarant shopping  then back to Santa Elena.But there lies another story…

The christmas decorations were so pretty and the christmas tree very lovely.I dropped my things in the room that I normally sleep in . I was staying over for the night.

Joanna and her lovely christmas tree

Joanna and her lovely christmas tree

Helped out a little before the people started to arrive…. the food was incredible each bringing something to share…. with all my hassle with the car I forgot!

It did get rather noisy and I understand why when Joanna and Jorge figured out the next day that there must have been 100 people show up.I must admit I became a party pooper and hid away for a couple of hours checking my computer and dozing off for an hour. I am beginning to think living in the country is making me a recluse of a kind but then again I deal with people all day and sometimes one needs to get away from it all.Joanna asked me the next day how could you sleep with all that noise…. I am used to it but I do really think living in Mexico where noise is a way of life one has to get used to it and learn to switch it off … mentally. If not one could go crazy…. well at least I was able to take some photos and I surfaced in time to go and enjoy the Our Lady of Guadalupe  walkabout in  the Barrio de San Cristobel Merida

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I will write about the walkabout in the next blog…..

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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