The new entrance to Santa Elena

The next time you come to visit The Pickled Onion in Santa Elena, coming from Uxmal ,one cannot miss the new entrance that has been created.
Before cruising the new dual carriage way into Santa Elena you will pass through one of two archways designed in the ancient Maya style. The stone used for the façade is called Ticuleno because they come from the town of has a beautiful marble like finish and is very durable and it does look classy.

They look quite impressive and stately .To the left there now is a new oratorio with a new statue of Guadalupe . Perfect timing for the festival of Guadalupe 11 ( the night of the celebrations) and 12th of December (12th being the actual day of Guadalupe). I noticed there were already candles burning and fresh flowers on the new altar .The albanil ( construction worker) was putting finishing touches to a permanent bench where the people could sit and watch the world go by. Although it is far from the centre of town .

On the right , which impressed me the most ,another signage with a replica again of the Maya arch but inserted was the most amazing painting…. A copy of one of Catherwood’s drawings snugly nestled in the middle of the arch. I loved the colouring and tone of the painting and the depiction of that era.
Stephens and Catherwood were the explorers that travelled the length and breadth of the Yucatán in search of the Maya ruins
They did visit Santa Elena, which in those days was called Nohcacab ,a name I think they should revert back to. At the time of their visit they encountered a festival which they record in their book ,Yucatán incidents of Travel. That festival still goes on today in Santa Elena and happens the second week of January .

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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