There are always firsts part 2…..

As I promised in the last post, I would continue with the first things that we do , see etc.

Friday ,I had already caught up on all my work , everyone organized in their work stations for the day… so time to trip off again with my brother Vincent

First we headed off to Mayapan passing through the town of Chapab and making a stop in Mama to see the church there.

Church at Mama

Church at Mama

The church is quite lovely and is nearly always open. Parking the car, we got out to a, good morning how are you , welcome from a local young man in perfect English. We chatted with him awhile and of course as so many in this area that speak english ,had worked in San Francisco for some years. I actually get a kick out of hearing them say, when they ask where are you from, and I say England. Wow , you speak proper english then !

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Well from Mama we made out way to Mayapan ruins. It was so quiet out there I am sure one could have heard a pin drop…. There were no other visitors around and we stayed more than two hours looking around, in every nook and cranny. We virtually had the place to ourselves…apart from the workers building new bathrooms.


Mayapan is quite unique in that it still has paintings on the walls of the temples and also lovely stuccos.

We then continued to the working hacienda Sotuta Peon . This place has been opened for some time but I had never had a chance to go and visit. A first for me and of course Vincent.By the time we arrived we were quite hungry and the tour did not start until one so we had time to lunch in the restaurant.

I was quite shocked at the entrance price of 330 pesos per person…. so much so my jaw dropped and I blurted out… porque tanto dinero ?Why so much money? Still complaining at the entrance price we walked into the restaurant feeling sure the prices were going to be really high too! Actually they were really reasonable and the food was excellent.

Great Food

Great Food

After lunch we continued the tour….. first the machine shop to see the henniquin being processed

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Then onto the tour of the henniquin fields by horse pulled tram.We stopped off to hear from Don Antonio who used to work in the hacienda when young… he says he is 78/9 but the workers and the tour guide put him at 86/7 .Oh ,he was just a charming man. I told the boys here that I had fallen in love with an old man ! Of course they laughed but really I felt like I could have tucked him under my arm and whisked him off.


I dont know the language of the Maya but enough to say hello and how are you and goodbye…. Don Antonio was thrilled to hear me speak and we all got to know more of the history if the Hacienda with the guide translating for us from Maya to Spanish.

The last was a swim in the cenote…. Vincent and I forgot our bathing suits but the water was so inviting I dove in with my clothes on but Vincent too could not let this pass so he just stripped down to his underwear and followed.


Valere , he said , I can never remember, in all my life ,doing this….. ( he is 70) . There is always a first ,Vincent…….!! The entrance price for the tour? Well , at the end of it all ,I can say it was worth it!

This was not quite the end of our adventure for the day… We drove across the countryside to return and I had tried many times to find a cenote in Abala but this day I was determined to find it.I cannot remember the name but it starts with a K….

Cenote near Abala

Cenote near Abala

By the time we arrived it was late in the afternoon and the sun was starting to set. Therefore there was no sunlight entering the cenote but I did take a couple of shots anyway.

I did not go down the stairs as I saw, when Vincent made the decent, there were a couple of boards loose and the bottom part of the stairs there wasnt a handrail.This cenote is about 40 min drive from here and is the closet one you will find in the Ruta Puuc area.

We arrived back at The Pickled Onion satisfied with a great day out more pleasant and special because I shared it with my brother.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to There are always firsts part 2…..

  1. Barb says:

    Valerie, I love your blog. The way you write about your excursions makes me want to rush right out and do what you just did. I’m sure your brother will have all sorts of tales to tell his friends.

  2. That was a day to remember. Thanks Valerie from your aquatic brother

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