Paintbrushes washed and put away until….

My paintbrushes have been washed and put away until the next slow season…. but I do hope I can do a little painting inbetween .

Maya statue found in Jaina

Maya statue found in Jaina

With the two new rooms finished the end of June they were in need of something to add to the walls… We were too busy in July and August so I did not get around to painting something. Well now they are finished, framed and hung.

Maya statue found in Copan

Maya statue found in Copan

I really like painting the Maya statues found on sites some still miraculously without missing parts ,dents etc . Quite incredible really after all the years hidden away under rubble,jungle and the likes.

Others I enjoy ,is the painting of birds . Have not tried my hand at other wildlife but maybe one day. I did take a lovely photo of a butterfly so that may be my next to paint.



The two paintings of the birds I did to put in the Toh festival of birds art contest , just for fun… no I did not get a prize or recognition but that does not matter. What is more important is one gets pleasure in what ever hobbies we choose to do.



This last one still needs work to be done but thought I would post it anyway.Its of the God of Chocolate and once finished and the new chocolate museum is opened by Uxmal then I will donate. Mathew the young Belgium entrepreneur and originator of the chocolate museum asked me once if I would paint him something… so here it is.

Goddess of chocolate

Goddess of chocolate

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to Paintbrushes washed and put away until….

  1. lovely – well done! you have amazing talents!

  2. reg45 says:

    Excellent…como siempre Senora Pinceles!!!

  3. Debbi Thank you… I see I have to change your blog address on my blog roll… will do ASAP

  4. Tara says:

    Great job mum! Love the parrot and toucan!

  5. YucatanMan says:

    Those really are beautiful! You’ve got a great eye and lovely touch with the brush.

    • Thank you……. a friend of mine was having art classes for awhile in Merida and she told me how her teacher only uses the three primary colours.So thought I would try it and see … I just love mixing colours( maybe from my other life when I was a hairstylist for Mmmm well lets say a long time and a long time ago) and was amazed how many colour combination one could come up with.
      We are still never too old to learn new tricks he he.

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