Keep the tradition alive /part 2


I did a part 2 of keeping the tradition alive because I had the good fortune to go and stay in Merida specifically to see the parade of the dead . This is an every year  event  where the procession leaves from the cemetery and parades to the church of Ermita which used to be on the outskirts of Merida but now forms the inner city.










The crypts where everywhere and so many angles one could not count them all. All varying in sizes according ,sometimes ,to the wealth of the people.Some had been repainted for the occasion but others sadly neglected.




We (myself and some friends) walked calmly along the main avenue of the cemetery making our way to the church. There was a lot of activity along the way. Face painting, at 10 pesos ,flower stalls, and altars after altars ,created by family , businesses, school etc and of course not forgetting the street vendors.




It was hustle and bustle all the way along the route heading towards the church. Singers , dancers and a re acting of a typical Maya wedding was taking place when we arrived at the church.


What would normally have been maybe a 10 min walk took us over one hour as we stopped to take photos,admire the works etc and trying to find a washroom!

I think we did a smart move by taking a taxi ride to the cemetery then again to arrive at Santa Anna where my friends had parked their cars then a 2 min drive to their house.

The taxi drive home was a bit scary because of the traffic etc but I joked with the taxi driver on the way home… saying, I know its the day of the dead but please I would like to live a little longer, I do value my life and yours too, please be careful. He chuckled ,as only I have heard the Maya  people do, so heartrending . Think I made another friend ha!ha

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2 Responses to Keep the tradition alive /part 2

  1. Sheryl says:

    Let us pay respect to any traditions that we encounter especially when we visit foreign places.

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