International Womens Club

The IWC (womens international club) of Merida  will soon be celebrating its 30 anniversary . It has had its ups and downs but always they pull through. It began with young women who had come to live in Merida and had married Mexicans. It was much harder in those days to become part of a culture that was foreign to them and which did not have the rich resources that they had  been accustomed to in their homeland. Although we choose to come and live in foreign parts , some  still need a connection somehow to our fellow countrymen or to english speakers where there is a   common ground. These women desperately needed that connection more so in those times. So they united together to form a club where they could meet and also involve their children.From this evolved to help with charity organizations and much more.

Yesterday they held a retreat here at The Pickled Onion to brainstorm as to how to attract more members, how to achieve their goals etc


The sixteen women where from places like Canada,North America, Mexico and other countries all coming together with a focus in mind.They come from all walks of life,some still working, others retired, and the snowbirds who come down for the winter.All have something extraordinary to share.

It was very well organized and inspiring. The energy was just flowing and ideas were popping up continuously . It was quite inspiring for me too having been a member for more than 7 years now but sad to say not able to participate as I would like.due to the running and operating of the business.But I learnt a lot and saw how dedicated just this handful of people(only a few were able to come because of the size of my property) were.

They arrived, smiling , happy,and in good spirits .Lunch came first then off to the pool for social time before the meeting began at 4pm.

The evening meal was a little different to what is normally prepared here at The Pickled Onion but all went well with happy faces still beaming well into the night. Ah yes the night sky too did us proud. The nearly full moon was breathtaking, the night skies clear and for some the pool looked just as inviting in the evening as during the day.

Thank you ladies for a lovely time… how blessed I am to know such sweet, kind , generous ,happy people as you .

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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