Uxmal to Muna Marathon

Correra de Uxmal a Muna

The marathon from Uxmal to Muna

This has been an annual event now for quite some years and today was the day for this event. People come from all over especially for this event

uxmal pyrimid (534x800)

It starts off at 7.30 in the morning leaving the El Divino pyramid of Uxmal and arriving in Muna some kilometers away. It is quite arduous due to the hills that we have in the area of the Yucatán. For this reason it is known as the Ruta Puuc (the road of the hills) and quite rightly so. Only in this area will you find meandering roads with hills making it very picturesque.

I was hoping to go to Uxmal to see the start  and take photos but we got quite busy here in the B & B so I was not able to get away.

Daniel Vargas Mexican runner Photo thanks to Wikipedia

Daniel Vargas Mexican runner
Photo thanks to Wikipedia

The  run  is in collaboration with the anniversary of Muna where there will be fiestas on this day for sure.

Actually Uxmal comes under the duresdicton of Santa Elena but that it seems is always questionable especially with the people in Muna who think they are the keepers…. Ah politics…. They are everywhere.

Nevertheless it is a fun day for all concerned and more so  for the winners .

It was a great day for this event with the sun coming out early and hopefully they will all be finished before the sun gets too hot.

There may have been a issue regarding the race as some protesters( over the new law  that has been passed by parliament for teachers, that now have to take proficiency tests) had closed the main Campeche to Merida highway which made our small road  very busy as trucks and buses were being diverted along this route which would have meant that it would have been dangerous for the runners.

But it seems the protesters had relented for the day but promised to resume again.

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