UFO/ovni sightings

This may seem like a strange topic but Tuesday evening there was a sighting in Ticul of a light form.  A teacher and a friend where on their way to Muna with papers to be signed and as they were leaving the town of Ticul by the cemetary ,is when they saw the UFO over the power lines and disappear into the horizon .This is not the first time sightings have been seen in this area.


Ovni-omni (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August of 2004 was when a sighting in Ticul made headlines as it hovered for more than two days . Then again Dec of the same year.The news was still buzzing when I first arrived in Ticul September of 2004 . Below is the link where you can see the video clip taken in Dec.

More interesting news too ,that has been circulating the newspapers ,is the meteorite  that fell in Ichmul , Chikindzonot close to Qunitana Roo  which will now make history with its inhabitants.It fell just 300 metres from the village but the noise frightened most as electricity  failed by the  falling of the meteorite .Apparently the village people were unable to sleep soundly that night because of fear of more meteorites falling.

I am sure some suspicions will be circulating around the village along with the chupacabras , an animal that apparently comes where ever there are live stock .Chupacabras means something that sucks out the blood of  goats or sucks but now there are chupapatos,chupagallinas that as I mentioned before go after any livestock in the patios of the villages or towns. You can read more about them if you click on the link to Wikipedia .

The local people thrive on suspicions and it certainly gives them something to talk about.

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