Baptism party

Having a child baptized ,for me, is seeing a newborn baby of about 6 weeks  old, clothed in a long white dress wether boy or girl.Everyone around the font with the minister or priest ,god parents etc.Then off for a small reunion usually in the house of the parents or grandparents, sipping on tea and eating delicate sandwiches and sumptuous  amounts of cake . The baby gets tossed around from one grandparent to another and all guests cooing over the precious little one.

Here in the small village of Santa Elena it is a little different.The child is around 18months old and only the parents and godparents go to the church and usually in nearby Ticul.


About two weeks prior out go the invitations and quite artistically done too.This one showing Disney characters, butterflies, rainbows and of course Thaily.

Again as other festivities it is quite a big event . I an not sure what time the actual baptism took place but the party began at around 8pm.As always there was a live band, lots of balloons and of course food and drink.

You take a gift to the party where upon you place on the table where the cake is on display or little Thaily with her mother greets the guests who give her her gift.

One thing that they do not do here is when you buy a gift it will be wrapped pretty but they do not  not put in a card to who it is for and from whom it s from. I think this is a great idea as it does not create any bad feelings if someone cannot afford a very luxurious gift.Oh and that way there will be no thank you cards … again a great idea.. this way you give from the heart and not from the purse.and you know the family are grateful so why send out thank you cards, it is done right there in the moment.

So below you can see more photos of the party.

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