Wedding of all weddings in little Santa Elena

The Wedding bells were ringing on Saturday for Omar and Nallely .Omars part time job/hobby is to take wedding videos/photos as well as for the 15th birthday girls (quinceanos)party here in the village and they have used The Pickled Onion numerous times for these events, to my delight.

Saturday was his day to be photographed and videoed and that is what was happening all the while I was there. Below you can see them nervously preparing for the professional photographer to do his thing

preparing for the professional photo shoot

preparing for the professional photo shoot

I could not possibly count how many people where coming and going as more table were set up to accommodate people that were arriving a little late, which is the norm here! The little bridesmaids where twisting and twirling around in their pretty dresses, children running around and grandmothers trying to stop them.


The botanas (snacks ) were hurrydly placed on the tables as guests arrived and of course there is very rarely a party without  the beer!



Everyone that is related seem to be helping in one capacity or the other.



The cake was just amazing and it now seems the fashion is to have lots of cupcakes along side of the cake.



Everyone in the procession party was finally gathered together for the grand entrance to the music of the wedding march.

P1000926What made this wedding a little spectacular where the firework display that begun after the toast. Everyone was oohing and ahhing at the display and the last was the names of the bride and groom lit up.It was quite spectacular to say the least for little Santa Elena

P1000932The couple danced the traditional waltz and the food was brought out.. typical plate of a tamale,pasta salad, and cake all on one plate.

But the night ended sadly for me as I watched my camera being grabbed by a little boy off the table and  onto the floor.I was so upset because it is a new camera and a very expensive one that my dear brother brought from england on his last visit in November.

Yes it is broken and I am not sure it can be repaired. I left early in no mood to continue the festivities or even eat . I was checking on my computer at 3 am to see if there was anywhere I could get it repaired in Merida but did not come up with a solution.The family were quite concerned but were not willing to do anything about it especially when I mentioned the price of the camera. Oh well what can one do I will just have to go to Merida and buy another one

Or if anyone knows where I can get a Panasonic Lumix dmc 7 repaired please let me know.

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As you can see all the photos got a little jumbled up whilst in the process of publishing but oh well . I really do not have the patience to re-format everything this is how it will be … sorry!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to Wedding of all weddings in little Santa Elena

  1. Heather says:

    Oh, Valerie…so sorry about your camera. The only person I know who is camera savvy in your area is Murray and I know you know him. Good luck because as it is so often said, a picture is worth a thousand words! This was a captivating insight into a local wedding.

    • Thank you Heather
      Debi from Debi in Merida sent me some information of a store in Santa Ana where they can check it out for me
      Also she was kind enough to find the Panasonic headquarters address in Mexico .
      So let see!
      hugs to you

  2. there is a shop on the square at Santa Ana that does camera repair. or at least they can evaluate and tell you what is wrong, and if it is repairable.

    call these guys
    Panasonic Head Office (Mexico)
    Félix Cuevas No. 6, Pisos 2 y 3,
    Col. Tlacoquemecatl del Valle,
    Del. Benito Juárez, México, Distrito
    Federal, C.P. 03200.
    Phone: 01 (55) 54 88 10 00
    Fax: 01 (55) 55 75 67 63

    Customer Service (Mexico)
    Phone: 72 62 01800847
    Phone: 50 00 12 00 / 01800847 72 62
    Email: atencion.clientes @

  3. Valerie Godfrey says:

    Valerie, we’re so pleased to be coming out to Pickled Onion again. Have you had any luck getting your camera repaired? Don’t know if it was a GX7 or LX7 – there’s a lot of difference in price! Both are still available to buy so, if you wanted, I could send details/weblinks with a view to bringing a new one out to you.
    Best Wishes, Valerie Godfrey

    • Hello Valery Oh thank you so much for your offer that is very kind of you. But I did go out and buy another camera
      Maybe not as good as the linx but its O K . It funny how when one does not have a camera you miss it so much.
      See you soon

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