My boys/my girls and the gardeners

I wanted to take some photos of the staff to add to my webpage…….. I always think it is important to include them as they are part of the team. Without them this place would not run as it does.

Sometimes I read comments that say the staff are not always friendly but I did want to mention a few things here about the Maya people . One must realize that not all are worldly, having not the means to travel like other european or  North American countries. They are not a type of people to gush and uh and ah but they are reserved and respectful of the privacy of others. They are in a way timid and afraid of insulting strangers but if you take the first step to  engage them in conversation you will see their eyes light up and become  willing to chat with you, even make jokes.

The level of service may not meet the expectations of us foreigners like, for example One french lady suggested they needed lesson in how to serve…. she was upset because her empty plate was taken away far too quickly for her liking. But as I pointed out to her it is the custom here due to the heat and to avoid an onslaught of flies around.

Then as nice as I could possible say……. well maybe if they visited your country they would not like the service either, wondering why their plate was left empty on the table for 1/2 hour or so. Each country has their customs and that’s one of the reasons why we travel to embrace each others culture without making criticism ………. isn’t it?

Even to this day if one goes into the village it is only good manners to ask if one can snap photos…. for the elderly Maya it is still a mystery why we as foreigners would want to take photos.. but again this is changing due to the cell phones etc and the people are more accepting… but still some ,when ready for the click, stop their smiling and become serious . Why? Well ,it is just the way it is. But I hope you liked the photos I took of my boys and my girls…. Oh and not forgetting the gardeners who do an amazing job!

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About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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10 Responses to My boys/my girls and the gardeners

  1. Heather says:

    Love the burgundy coloured shirts of the male staff and the colour-co-ordinated flower-decorated tops and pedal pushers of the ladies. My, but you’ve come a long way with such a large group of helpers, Valerie. Did you design the uniforms? Who made them? Your comments on culture and customs different from our own are right on.

    • Thank you Heather . I asked the girls what would they like to wear a skirt or shorts.They always arrived in shorts for ease of movement but they were of all colours so that is why I decided to put them in a uniform. Much more professional and the colours for the boys well the chairs in the restaurant are a similar colour so that made my mind up when choosing.
      The clothes were made here in Santa Elena . More work for the locals!

  2. Stan says:

    What a great looking crew, and nicely photographed. Enjoyed your cultural comments too, and hope to meet everyone one day…

  3. Valerie, these are wonderful photos of your staff. I have always found the service at The Pickled Onion to be excellent. The uniforms look very professional and smart. Congratulations!

  4. Pat c. says:

    The pictures are wonderful. I found the Mexican people to be a little shy . As one travels you come to realize that the world is not all the same and not to expect the same as you would in your home town. That also applies as you travel across Canada. People in Nfld are very laid back and then you go to Toronto…holy -what is the hurry. As I said before, you are incredible with all you have accomplished.

    • Pat yes you are right with your statement one should not expect the same as your home town.
      I loved going to the NFL reunion when I lived in Cambridge Ontario…. they know how to make a good party and they are fun loving people.As for accomplishing the things Pat its second nature with me…. I was born that way ,I think ,but so lucky to have been .At times I do surprise myself but give thanks everyday for what has been brought my way.If we accept all the good with thanks the bad soon goes away.Take care and thank you for writing a comment

  5. Nancy says:

    What beautiful faces. You know I already commented about those good looking guys on Facebook! They all look so sharp, both the men and the ladies, and happy. I also enjoyed your comments on the differences in the culture.

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