New casitas

It has been awhile since I wrote on my blog and how time flies. I have added not one but  two more Maya style casitas to the property and overseeing the construction takes its toll on one’s energy reserves.Making sure there is enough cement,gravel and all the materials needed to keep the construction workers happy is a task in itself. Organizing the iron guy to make sure the table and chairs will arrive on time.Trekking off to Merida to buy the essentials like toilets and sinks , lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, small bar fridges, sheet sets, figuring out how many tiles I will need etc etc. Arranging the mattresses to arrive when they could be  stored safely in the new houses and organizing when to cut the wood for the roofs and how many palm leaves I need to order to complete the palapa roofs.


The carpenter finishing of the windows and doors

My poor Volcho beetle certainly does not owe me anything. Over the years I have lugged so much stuff in that poor thing you would not believe.When the guys at the store, who now know me, see me coming out of a store with boxes of stuff they kind of look at me as if they are thinking….. that will never fit in the Volcho… So we have a standing conversation and I  end up directing where things have to go to fit well in the car.Most trips to Merida also includes buying for the restaurant at the same time.

OOppps no you cannot put the pillows there as I cannot see out of the back window.

But it always seems to work out.

When working with construction people in the small rural areas you really are the construction manager.

So as well as overseeing the constructions I have to manage the restaurant also. But the boys are really great they help me a lot. Two of the restaurant staff, instead of being laid off in the quiet season, I offered them work in the morning clearing a new garden area, painting and generally doing odd jobs.It is not easy work because the quiet season is when it is the hottest. Everyone knew the work had to be  finished within 2 months ready for the high season again July and August. So it was all systems go.Well Yeah! we did it! They are being rented as I write this blog today.

Will I build anymore rooms…. No I think not with 8 that we have to rent is quite sufficient thank you………. but then again one should never say  never .Right!

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About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to New casitas

  1. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness, Valerie! I cannot believe what you have created out of dry, stone-covered land! I remember your very first venture, your restaurant, and all those baby plants you had lovingly planted. Now you have a well-manicured jungle with 8 desirable accommodation units! Amazing! We have to return and see this for ourselves one of these days. Wonderful what one hard-working woman whose spirit is one with the elements can achieve….congratulations!

    • Yes hasnt it grown Heather…. From humble beginnings. I remember when you first came…. I was really striving but it is all paying off now! Well almost another year without holidays ha ha But I know my time is coming.I feel so lucky that I have great staff now. Can you believe I have 11 full time on hand and my only task these days is to do the shopping, check emails and of course the Ugh paperwork. Sometimes I look around and I cannot believe it either
      But you know you are always welcomed here Heather and Norm.
      Love to you both

  2. paddleror03 says:

    The place looks great! We can’t wait to come back. – Aurora and Nic, March 2012 guests

    • Thank you Aurora and Nic. I am so happy how things are now . It seems like more work but I do have less stress.I remember you two coming to stay and how nice that you read my blogs
      I hope you do come back one day it would be truely lovely to have you again
      take care and hugs

  3. Donna Norstadt says:

    Very classy. You are a remarkable women. You never stop amazing me. I only hope to have as much energy once I finally get to the Yucatan. Hello to you and Jorge. Please send my regards. We will be down that way end of October and first 2 weeks of November. No solid plans yet. Just got to get there.

    • Donna thank you …. you will have the energy once here for sure because you too are a go and get it lady and you cannot stop being who you are.I will send the hello onto Jorge . take care and all the very very best Valerie

  4. Joan Hall says:

    wow the new casitas look so inviting….glad Gary and I are booked in for another fantastic visit to enjoy some wine/dining/swimming and a little touring as well this January 2014 Well done!!

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