Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are attracting more attention than ever these days. There are Crystal Skull ceremonies happening all over the world.I would say more so in the Maya World.

The information about these are running  ramped over the internet… who has the one with the most healing powers, who has the one with more energy etc etc etc ( ego coming into play here ) Most claiming they have the original ones or they had just happened across them or buying from a street vendor that says they are original . The crystal that they are made from is original but as for the shape of the skull itself are mostly manmade. However one comes across the  skulls its what you do with them that counts in the end.

Every now and again they come to light( no pun intended) over the media about the exceptional powers they hold within. With hundreds of people tapping into the power within ,to some, seems bazar . I do however believe in the healing powers of cyrstals.

There is no proof that the maya used crystal skulls for ceremonies but  they did use a real skull or  carved then into stone. It is a topic that is wide open for discussion for or against.

I once worked with the Mitchell – Hedges crystal skull in Canada ,with his step daughter Anna . It was an interesting session with a few of my fellow spiritual workers, all seeing various things, different energies etc.I was impressed and knew very little at that time about  crystal skulls.The story that we heard from Anna, how it was found, was quite believable and yes like an Indiana Jones movie. I bought the book on that day” Danger My Ally” written by Mitchell -Hedges. As I was reading it later that day I thought how strange that he talks so much about Lubaantun where the proposed Skull was found but it was barely mentioned in his book.


Mitchell – Hedges Skull

Miss Anna at least used the skull for betterment ,although she was asked by the Belize government to return the skull but said no. as she was afraid it would just end up in a museum and not used for the purpose that she thought it should be used for. She used to invite the native indians into her house to work with the skull and any other person that would be a deep interest of seeing or feeling the energy of this particular skull.

Anna finally moved to the U S with the skull to live with Bill Homan ( I am sure much to the disappointment of the  teacher  I used to have)who would become the caretaker when Anna did pass over. I heard she did marry this man 40 years younger but again something quite strange to me anyway…. I watched an interview with Homan and he explained how it came into his hands. He did talk about Anna but never revealed that he had married her. Now there is a fight going on with family  and lawyers that are contesting the last will and testament . I guess the crystal skull neglected to send that message out .

It is such a pity that people want to capitalize on spirituality when being at one with self will give you all the answers that you require, at the time it is needed . Yes, I do think some people benefit from books, classes , courses  but dont let it get a hold on you…. or you will become addicted to look for more and looking for more will cost you more too.

Another word of advise try not to  put your teacher on a pedestal

….. they could fall, then where does that leave you…

I would be interested to know your thoughts on this too!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to Crystal Skulls

  1. Heather says:

    You said it all, Valerie, in your own words: being at one with self will give you all the answers that you require, at the time it is needed. Very wise advice.

  2. Alexis says:

    Hi Valerie, I have to whole heartededly agree with you….to be at one with self and to be mindful is essential for being. We all “put our pants on one leg at a time” , we are all equal.
    Hope all is well and peaceful in your life…hope to see you this winter, Alexis

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