Spring blooms at The Pickled Onion Yucatan

I love this time of year when the trees and bushes flower The Flamboyant are flaming, the Bougainvillea are radiant,the Flor de Mayo are marvellous with sweet perfume that make you want to pick and adorn ones hair.

The entrance into The Pickled Onion

The entrance into The Pickled Onion

Sweet Jasmin and of course not forgetting the  fruit trees of limon,bananas,papaya,sour oranges,mame , and the last of the mangoes that we too off the tree yesterday,all look wonderful today because of the rain that fell yesterday and during the night. Relieving us of quite a hot spell of 42C down to a nice 28c today and they say for the rest of the week. P1000778 I cannot wait for next year when we should be harvesting avocados and plumbs and hopefully figs………. Not to mention how happy the birds are too!

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About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to Spring blooms at The Pickled Onion Yucatan

  1. Pat c. says:

    I only have two tree, one of which is a flowering magnolia and it is beautiul at its peak. I am hoping to pick some beans and green onions later in the summer. The temp is up and down here and yesterday the heavens opened and down came the rain. It saved me fromhaving to water my garden. Your place looks amazing…

    • Magnolia is another fabulous tree that I love… I dont think we can grow that here because of the climate… pity. I hope your veggie garden is a success . Do you grow potatoes Pat? I used to do in England but with lots of rain one has to check for blight. We are creating another garden that will be in front of the new 2 rooms . The good thing now is that I can divide plants . The boys watch me in amazement at times it is funny to see them. Uuuuaaaayyyy Valeria sabes mucho……. Wow Valerie you know a lot. they say to me. Or the other one . Sabes hacer todo! you know how to do everything! But they dont realize how long I have lived to learn the stuff that I know… not all is perfect but it works for me. Thank you for the nice comment too….. I am glad you liked the photos cheers Valerie

  2. John says:

    The place looks beautiful. We will have to pay a visit when we get down in October.

  3. Estuvimos en este hotel, es un lugar maravilloso en el Yucatán, tiene un jardín con muchas plantas y flores.
    La atención muy fina y excelente.

    • Gracias Nelson .Ya creci el jardín y ahora esta mas amplio con 2 cabañitas nuevos.Pero mi jardinero dice Uaaayy Dona Valeria hay mucho mas trabaja . que bueno lo deje a el ja ja . Espero que usted regresar un dia. Estoy aquí!
      cuida mucho

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