Burns and Aloe Vera

Burnt myself quite badly yesterday 21 May but Aloe Vera saved the day

Last week I had a stationary gas tank put up on the roof because the fairly new stove that I bought was just eating up gas from the cylinder tanks that hold 30 litres of gas

The fairly new stove

The fairly new stove

The new tank holds about 300 and I don’t have the same anxiety of it running out.

But I am finding the build up in the pipes is so strong we have to be careful when we light the burners.

Well I guess I was not careful yesterday when orders came in for Fajitas I opened up three burners on the plancher and when I went to light them………. Wow! Explosion

My burnt arm not really looking too bad at this point

My burnt arm not really looking too bad at this point


No more eyebrows, no more eyelashes and  a slightly receding  hairline not to mention a burnt arm. I quickly put my arm under cold water but had to continue cooking for the guests.

This was very painful as anyone knows who has been burnt to put it near anything hot just seems to make it worse.

I served the food and went into the front garden , picked some Aloe Vera and smothered juice from the plant as thickly as I could .

Aloe vera from my garden

Aloe vera from my garden

The immediate cooling effect was already bringing relief. So every half hour I would smoother more of the juice on my arm.  It was still stinging when I went to bed for the night but by morning although a few blisters had formed I could actually touch my arm without pain and move my fingers.

The boys were concerned for me when they saw it the next day…Why don’t you go to the doctors… they said. I answered, for what? El doctor nunca esta.en el pueblo .The doctor is never here in the village, although he is the village doctor.

But we made jokes about the colour of my arm… I said now I am the same colour as you guys.. yes but at a price Valerie ,they said. Ni modo! In other words what can one do about it… it happened.

So today this is how it now looks. I had lots of blisters but I keep on with the Aloe allowing the sore to breath at night then wrap it up for the day to keep it clean and of course so as not to upset anyone that may come into the restaurant.

My arm today

My arm today

But I do have to thank Mother Nature for her remedies and I truly believe if it were not for the Aloe Vera plant my arm would still be painful today.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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22 Responses to Burns and Aloe Vera

  1. Lee says:

    Our thoughts are with you, Valerie, and I hope you do manage to find a doctor! Such a beautiful stove to create those horrible burns. Get better soon!

    • Thank you Lee All is well My Doctor friend Jorge called me today to suggest some cream for me so I am off to Ticul so lets hope they have it on the shelf But thank you for your concern. I really only posted it to let people know of the healing qualities of Aloe not really expecting all this re action but its nice to know people are watching out for you. So Lee dont forget to plant Aloe in your new garden… I can give you lots of cuttings. love Valerie

  2. Benne' says:

    That is one nasty burn. I can’t believe you continued to cook for your guest. I hope this didn’t happen while Ellen was visiting your place. Please apply neosporen or a similar topical antibacterial as those blisters open. Take care and keep us posted, please!

    • Thank you Benne… yes it was a bit sore… it happened whilst I was in the kitchen alone in the evening so I was the only cook here. Had to carry on come what may LOL
      Ellen came by yesterday with her friend and I really enjoyed her being here… Cant wait to see the photos!
      My Doctor friend from Puebla called me several times , sweet man,to give me instructions of what to do but I do appreciate very much your advise.
      I was only really wanting to let people know about the healing qualities of Aloe not thinking I would get this feedback but its so nice to know that people do really care Again Thank you Bene

  3. Tara says:

    Ouch, that looks awful……be careful! Glad you got advice from the doc., and used the healing of Aloe.

    • Yes it was an ouch moment for sure… but like the old soldier I am he! he! the guests still got their grub without knowing anything had happened. But I am Aries and we are prone to get burnt and not always physical LOL Love and Hugs MUM

  4. Melissa says:

    I think that by using aloe so quickly, you saved yourself from more severe blistering. Years ago a friend had a car radiator spray boiling coolant on his face. He quickly applied aloe (tons of it) and his doctor believed it saved him from permanent scarring. Butter is one of the worst things you can use…you were smart to do what you did. Hope you heal quickly!

  5. staninmx says:

    Pobrecita – glad to hear you are on the mend. It occurs to me that perhaps there is an issue with the regulated pressure outbound from your new propane tank to the stove…

  6. Barb says:

    Oh my gosh, Valerie! That looks painful. I also believe in the healing properties of aloe but I’m still glad you saw a doc for further care.

  7. Donna Norstadt says:

    Aloe is good for relieving the pain but I worry about infection. So some type of antibiotic ointment or sulfa medication is in order. This nurse says so. Hope for your speedy recovery and hope you figured out how to light that new stove without a blast. Is there no pivot light? I know that does waste some gas but then you can avoid using matches to light the burner.

    • Thank you Donna I went Saturday to Ticul to find cream that my friend Dr Jorge recommended Its more of a nuisance really , than pain. The pilot light is not working very well on the grill for some reason.. the burners at the other side are O K I have to get the guys in from Merida to check it out…which will take about a month to do LOL. But thanks for your caring and I hope you are all OK love and hugs Valerie

  8. My dear friend, This is what I get for not checking blogs more frequently. Now it’s been10 days and I hope you are doing better. Burns, nasty business. I do have a lot a Aloe growing in my jardin just in case. Thank you for talking about the goodness of this marvelous plant. Heal quickly. Abrazos!

  9. Heather says:

    Just catching up with emails after travelling and was quite horrified at your nasty burn, Valerie. You were lucky methinks but also wise to use Aloe Vera. We have used it for sunburns while in Ecuador and it is indeed Mother Nature’s wonderful little medicine cabinet. Hopefully your eyebrows have grown back and your arm is well on the way to mending.

    • Hello Heather I hope you had a great time in Ecuador My burn is almost completely healed Back out and at it again, gardening , overseeing constructions, painting etc etc etc Hugs to you both Valerie

  10. Marie Burke says:

    It must be very painful to sustain that burn… Good to know that aloe vera relieved it. Anyway, I’m new to your blog 🙂 Natural ways are always good when it comes to healing burns. Cost-effective, and you won’t need to spend a big chunk of cash.

    • Hello Marie and thank you for Reading my blog
      I also scanned over your info about Aloe Vera. Very informative…even here the Maya make a drink from the Aloe and another way they use it is to cut in half the leaf of the Aloe then scorch it on an open flame then place on the área that needs healing. Once in place they wrap it and let the healing take place.

  11. AloeveraDr says:

    Wasn’t knowing that ALOE VERA is having such a great effect on burns as well. Great help!!!
    Just wanted to know does this natural gel provides only cooling effect or it will reduce the marks of burn too?

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