That special day.

I dont very often have the pleasure to get out and about but Joanna ,my friend and fellow blogger (writing from Merida) was celebrating one of those milestones birthdays.

Joanna and her birthday cake

Joanna and her birthday cake

I felt honoured to be invited and not only that to stay the night.Joanna is such a good hostess that one could not refuse. It also gave me a chance to get out of the small village and into the big city of Merida  for a couple of nights.

As we reach third age one does not really need too many things as our homes are usually choca block full of nicknacks and stuff. So I decided to buy some flowers and make an arrangement .  I went into one of my favourite flower shops in Merida knowing there would be an abundance to choose from as the next day May 10th would be the celebration of Mothers Day. Well,  let me tell you it was like going into a Candy shop when I entered the refrigerated coolers.

Oh! tulips now that would be nice ( especially here in Mexico) as I knew that Joanna,s family orginated from Holland before emigrating to Canada .Before I knew it I had arms full of flowers and foliage  and left the store ready and eager to do the task in hand.

finger licking good

So cheers Joanna and may you have lots more happy birthdays.

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Ooppps I dont know what happened but the presentación duplicated itself as well as putting in a photo

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gallery but never mind …. enjoy!












































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