Lol Tun cavesLol Tun Caves

The most popular caves in this region, access being very easy , and supporting huge cathedral like ceilings. A great place to visit along the Ruta Puuc if you are ready for a cool down a respite from the tropical heat of the Yucatan
. The visit takes about 1 hour where the guides point out the wall paintings and handprints of the Maya people. Artifacts where found below where ceremonies were common practice ,going into the womb of mother earth.
The Maya call it X,imbala


Mayan handprints

These days you will not find water as before as the water level has receeded dramatically and to reach the water table in this part of the land one has to go deeply around 250 mts. At The Pickled Onion we found water at 76 mts so I guess I was lucky.
When I lived in Ticul for 2 years the family I lived with took me one day for a visit. Papa told me of how when young and out selling his wares of homemade hammocks, mats and hats he would pass by Lol Tun and enter with a flaming torch looking for water. So the day we went was his first time entering with electric lights where he was able to view the caves as they really were instead of only by flame. Needless to say he was quite impressed by the size.
I have never really believed in coincidences and believe everything happens for a reason and yesterday was no exception.
I had not visited the caves for some time and I wanted to take photos so that I could add them to my webpage and so I set off.
The roads were quiet only seeing two cars along the country road. It was a hot afternoon and having no air conditioning in the car I was looking forward to arriving and descending into the caves for a cool off.
I had heard of a guide, a young man, that visitors had told me about and so upon arrival I asked if Pablo was around. No they said he is down below.I had arrived just in time for a 3pm tour so was hurdled up to the pay desk and shown the way to the entrance where a guide was waiting to take a group down.He asked me if I wanted the tour in English or Spanish to which I said it did not matter.Just then 2mins later appeared a guide who said his name was Pablo, oh what luck , I thought as he started his tour talk. I caught the attention of the first guide and said sorry, for some reason I have to go with this young man.


Entrance carving

I was with two more German tourists that had wanted to take the tour in English.
Pablo turned to me and asked where did you learn to speak Spanish? In Santa Elena , I said. He gave me a puzzled look then I introduced my self and his eyes widened.Oh my gosh! You are Valerie. I have heard so much about you and have been curious to meet you for a long time. Me too I said , have heard lots about you and wanted to meet you. ( before you get the wrong idea this is not going to be a love story ha ha )
I am sure at the end of the tour the German gentlemen got more information than they would normally have had. Pablo is very knowledgeable about his inheritance and with some knowledge that I have gained over the years made for interesting conversation.
But in the end what I am trying to get to is that Pablo is also knowledgable about more cave systems that are in the area. He gave me his facebook page and I came home immediately to check it out.Wow! He has amazing photos of cave systems right on our doorstep that are truly the work of mother nature.


Crystal caves

Full of crystals ,clear water and out in the jungle. He does take tours and so we are going to work together to bring like minded people , the cavers and bird watchers to be able to enjoy this kind of experience or any person that has an interest.
It will not take much to create such and adventure. He has the knowledge, and I have the place to stay …….. what more can you ask for.


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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5 Responses to Cave

  1. Helena says:

    absolutely amazing, have seen the caves in New Mexico, and these certainly compare favourably

    • Helena yes this is really an undiscovered area but as time goes on they are finding more. The Maya used to and some still do,have ceremonies in these caves and during the caste war of the 1860,s the Maya people revolted against the Spaniards because of ill treatment, they would hide out in the caves.
      The history of Mexico is so interesting and varied
      So much to learn.

  2. K Von Wiegand says:

    Dear Valerie,

    Thanks for your blog posts. They bring my attention right back to where I left a part of my heart.  I had the pleasure of making your aquaintance at your restaurant over the Christmas holidays.  I was part of a group from Nueva Altia that had come for lunch. You were so kind as to show us the new accomodations. I was enchanted and vowed then to come back before this year is ended.  Now I feel compelled.

    This most recent blog of the caves thrilled me!  I have recently turned my attention to assisting in bringing in the energies of Lemuria and Agartha.

    I feel you understand– you know this since you are a Reiki healer. Seems we’re about full circle now.  Seeing the Mayan name of X,imbala had me giggling like a giddy little child. I never expected the Yucatan to have an exposed entrance to Shambala until you mentioned the dropping water table.  I’d love to discuss it more with you sometime. 

    I’m planning to participate in a 2 day healing workshop/dolphin experience in the Bahamas,  and thought I’d just keep on flying down to Merida afterward, rent a car, and visit The Pickled Onion.  A swim in a cenote and a cave visit and a paddle in your pool should keep me from withering.  I lived in So Fla for 35 years before I moved to the mountains and loved the weather, even August when it felt like monsoon season in Borneo.

    Now, I must go sell a family jewel (not quite, just almost) to get the ball rolling. I look forward to visiting.

    Kathleen von wiegand Asheville, North Carolina



  3. Barb says:

    We went to Lol Tun a couple of years ago. It’s easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

    • Valerie says:

      People love to go into Lol Tun and it does have easy access and cool too. This area reminds me so much of my birth home, England,the cave systems , the dry stone walls and the humour of the Maya people.
      My parents liked to venture out on Sundays and we would go to a place called Mallem where we would swim in the really cold waters that would exit the limestone rocks and visit limestone caves.
      How much we are alike but different

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