San Mateo/ Saint Mathew procession

Saint Mathew the patron saint of Santa Elena

Coming to the end of two weeks celebration, being the last Sunday it is the tradition to take down the statue of Saint Mathew led by a procession of very pretty girls from the village, dressed in the Terno, the typical dress of the Yucatan.

leaving the church

They each carry the family banner making a pledge to San Mateo , to bless the family with health and happiness.

One of the banners

I don’t really have a religion, as we know it. I have been to so many churches of various   denominations but find a solace in everyone. My way of seeing it is that there are many different houses but only one God…… the God of your understanding which resides in each and everyone of us. We can touch into this God of our understanding at anytime and for me that does not mean I have to go to church to connect.

But with all religious ceremonies that I have witnessed they never cease to touch me in one way or another. Today was no exception. To watch these beautiful ladies leaving the church was such a beautiful sight that it really did touch my emotional side.

carrying the cross

Not forgetting the men who proudly carried the statues of the saints high above their shoulders. Adorned with beautiful fresh flowers just makes one in awe of the beauty that surrounds us all .

Again I say thank you for bringing me here to live alongside of  the living Maya to be a part and witness the long ago traditions that are still carried on from grandparents to grandchildren . It must warm their hearts to see that some of their local traditions are still being carried on…………. Another day of smiles and warm greetings as I wandered down the street to witness this event.

The music and fireworks will go on well into the night or should I say morning.

I choose this day to close and not take reservations or open the restaurant

One reason being that the staff could go and enjoy their traditional festivites (probably come with a hangover tomorrow ha ha )

And the other well to be honest I did want to hear complaints from travellers who would be trying to sleep……………… AND I get a break too!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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3 Responses to San Mateo/ Saint Mathew procession

  1. patricia stodd says:

    Most definitely

  2. Rosemary Cobb says:

    Valerie, you didn’t mention the fireworks that start at dawn! or have they dispensed with that tradition in Santa Elena? Love to see all the progress and processions.

    • Rose how nice to hear from you
      OH no they did not dispense with the 4 am wake up call!!!! but thats all part of the attraction
      FYI they have now passed a law against cruelty to animals…… Mexico has come a long way in the last few years
      Take care

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